Apply to the position Chairperson of the Council of Education

MF is now looking for someone who wants to work strategically with the student influence at Karolinska Institutet and improve and coordinate MF’s student representation!

MF represents almost 9000 students towards KI. The student influence that MF constantly works with is both through our sections and by student representatives appointed centrally by MF. The Presidium (MF’s President and vice-President) is currently coordinating the student representation and working with the student influence at a strategic level.

In order to improve the student representatives’ and MF’s ability to carry out effective advocacy work, the Board has identified a need for a central figure in student representation. For this reason, the MF Council (FuM) has established this position of trust, with the primary tasks:

  • strategic work with the student influence that MF carries out towards KI
  • coordination of and development of education for MF’s student representatives
  • leading of the Council of Education as its chairperson

And additionally:

  • preparation of elections of student representatives and assisting the Nomination Committee in the election of student representatives
  • documentation and updating of vacant and filled student representative positions and information about them

The position as Chairperson of the Council of Education, as well as coordinator for student representation is a new position, which means you will have a great opportunity to influence the position’s future design together with the MF Presidium, the Board and the Council of Education!

The position means that you get a 25% honorarium and the term of office extends over one year and follows the academic year, from the first of July to the end of June. Since the position is new, you will be starting your assignment already this spring.


The establishment of the position as Chairperson of the Council of Education and coordinator for student representation is the first step towards improving the quality of MF’s student representation. It’s time to put the students’ needs at the top of the agenda at Karolinska Institutet!

Are you passionate about the students’ rights and improving the education at KI? Then you’re the one we are looking for! Submit your application to [email protected] with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Studies at KI, current program and semester
  • Previous experience of student representation
  • Motivation

Note: to be eligible to the position you must be fluent in the Swedish language and a student member of MF.

If you have any questions, you are also welcome to contact the us at [email protected] or come by MF and talk to us!