A Scalpella – The chamber choir at Medicinska Föreningen

The chamber choir A Scalpella is Medicinska Föreningen’s oldest union association, we celebrated 40 years in 2013. We are a mixed choir with about 30 members that sing a wide variety of genres, from classic choir music to modern a capella songs.

A Scalpella regularly performs at a number of the medical association’s celebrations and arrange two seperate concerts each semester. Each semester we try to arrange a sort of “Choir camp” were we rehearse thoroughly and focus more on singing technique. Afterwards we have a get-together party with a bunch of choir- and singing related games. We also arrange choir travels about once a year and recent travels have gone to Paris, Sankt Petersburg, Montreal, Barcelona, Prague, Scotland and Norway. Rehearsals are every Wednesday, 18.30 – 21.00, but we gather at 6 p.m for coffee and socializing.

At the start of each semester we hold an open rehearsal were everybody is welcome to come and see what it’s like to sing in a choir. If you afterwards are interested you can sign up for an audition for a permanent place in the choir. If you are interested in joining the choir but miss the open rehearsal you can always contact us by mail.