A Scalpella – The chamber choir at Medicinska Föreningen

The chamber choir A Scalpella was established in 1973 and is therefore  Medicinska Föreningen’s oldest union association. In 2013, we celebrated 40 years and produced an album, amongst other things. A Scalpella is a classical, mixed student choir with about 30 members when everyone’s present. We sing a wide variety of genres, from classic choir music to folk music to modern a capella songs. We normally set up two concerts per semester, apart from performing at Medicinska Föreningen’s parties, Karolinska Intitutet’s ceremonies and Lucia. You can book the choir for private performances, such as birthday parties or business events.  

About A Scalpella

Rasmus Krigström (born in 1986) is the current choir director and conductor and has been that since 2016. Rasmus is a very talented choir director who also has a great interest in barbershop music. He has won a number of awards within the genre, with different choirs and music groups at his side.  

A Scalpella also has a social side, as anticipated from a student choir – we arrange parties, drink “choir beer” at least once a month and go to Solvik (MF’s sports cabin on Värmdö) a few times a year. We participate in social exchanges with some other student choirs in Stockholm and one in Germany. We arrange some sort of choir travel about once a year. The destinations have varied from places in Sweden to places abroad, the latest destinations include Barcelona (where we sang at La Sagrada Familia), Sankt Petersburg, Paris, Montreal, Prag, Scotland and – most recently – Norway.  

Rehearsals take place every Wednesday, 18.30 – 21.00, but we gather at 18.00 for coffee and talking. At the beginning of each semester, we hold an open rehearsal were everybody is welcome to come and see how it’s like to sing in the choir. After the open rehearsal you can sign up for an audition for a permanent place in the choir, either right after the open rehearsal or later on. If you’ve missed the open rehearsal, but still want to audition, you’re welcome to contact us via email. We’re looking for people with some singing experience, some ability to read notes and a good pitch. If you’re looking for a musical context with happy and lovely people in it, you’re in the right place!