Flix is MF’s skit sorority. Each fall the Flix ensamble, composed of ladies only, produces a humoristic and highly interactive skit embellished by song and dance (a “spex” in Swedish) to bring a smile to the November gray hearts of all KI students.

In the spring, Flix wreaks havoc behind the stage of its male counterpart, Corpus Karrolina’s, spex to provide costumes, scenery, music, fika, sound/lights, in short, anything that tickles your creative fancy! During the remainder of the year, both societies perform at gasques and parties, ponder future spex ideas and have a whole lot of fun together.

Open-call auditions for stage roles are held each fall, while meetings for those interested in helping out behind the stage are arranged each semester by either Flix or Corpus Karrolina.

Timo Oosterveld