Become a student representative

To become a student representative is amongst the most fun and giving things to do while studying. As a student representative you speak for the students against Karolinska Institutet (KI), to give our perspective and to create a better university for us all.

Student representation can seem scary at first, but it doesn’t have to be at all scary or hard! You soon realize that the teachers and staff at KI really listen to what you have to say. You learn incredibly much and gain experiences that you’ll benefit from later on in life.

The easiest way to take a first step and learn more about this is to contact and explore your section. Through your section you can find out more and get involved and become a student representative in positions that affect your own programme. You can also email [email protected] to find out more!

Become a student representative and affect yours and all other students’ education at Karolinska Institutet! 

Apply for central student representative positions within KI 2020

The following positions will be elected by the Union Council (FuM) on the 9th of December. Last day to apply is on the 4th of December!

Number of positions:
Steering group for the educational unit for education and learning The unit will support the educational development of the education at KI. Prepares long-term planning and decides on operative plans within the limits of the budget decided by the faculty board. 1
Macroeconomic Group Preparatory bodyfor the President's decisions regarding long-term financial planning including follow-up and cost allocation models as well as the faculty board's decision regarding long-term resource allocation and models for resource allocation 1
Coordination group for quality improvement Preparing the President's decision regarding the quality system as well as the Faculty Board's strategic decisions to implement quality work in KI's core businesses. They also coordinate KI's work with external quality audits. 1
Council for infrastructure Preparatory body on infrastructure issues including budget issues, strategic development proposals in accordance with the KI overall strategy and infrastructure plans. 1
Rosander’s donation fund Reviews applications for funds from Karin and Nils Rosander's donation fund. 1
Working environment committee Participates in the planning of work environment initiatives as well as following developments in issues relating to protection against ill health and accidents and for satisfactory working environment conditions. Includes the student safety officer and substitute 2
Council of enviroment and sustainable development Supports the President and University Director with good advice regarding KI’s environment- and sustainability work. 2
Educational committee Educational board at IEM 1
Projectgroup for a project in sustainable development Projectgroup for the project Structured and cohesive work on sustainable development / SDGs at KI 1
Workgroup for international issues in education A group under the Education Committee working on international issues in education. The representative can expect 3-4 meetings per term 1
Educational committee Educational board at MMK (Molecular medicine and surgery) 2
Educational committee Educational board at MEB (Medical epidemiology and biostatistics) 1
KI/SLL Educational council Cooperative body with Region Stockholm 1

If you have any questions about the positions, please send an email to the Nomination Committee:

[email protected]