Positions of trust 2018

The Nominations Committee is still looking for candidates for the following positions (see the form). Applications are to be sent in no later then the 19th of November if you’re interested.

If you’re interested in one of the positions that are listed below, but that are not listed in the form, that means that there are one, or several, applicants and the Nominations Committee is no longer actively pursuing candidates. If you want to apply to one of these positions, send an email to [email protected], and the Nominations Committee will discuss whether to nominate you as well.

Apply to a position of trust

Positions within Medicinska Föreningen

  • Speaker of Fullmäktige

    Leads the Fullmäktige (Council) meetings. Is responsible for the smooth running and stability of MFs highest decision-making body.

  • Auditor

    Reviews MFs minutes and accounting to identify risks and improvements within MF.

  • Authorised auditor

    Reviews MFs economy and accounting. Usually a hired auditing firm

  • President

    Fulltime position, with 100% fee. Is in charge of MFs daily operations and its board. Forms the “Presidium”, together with the vice president. Efficient position to influence MF and KI. Fluency in Swedish is a requirement.

  • Vice president

    Fulltime position, with 100% fee. Is in charge of MFs daily operations and its board. Forms the “Presidium”, together with the vice president. Efficient position to influence MF and KI. Fluency in Swedish is a requirement. (The can be even 2 or 3 vice presidents. In that case the fee is divided)

  • Secretary

    approx 2 meetings a month. MFs secretary takes the minutes of the board and Fullmäktige (Council) meetings. Is also a full-fledged member of MFs board. Fluency in Swedish is a requirement.

  • Board members

    approx 2 meetings a month. As a member of MFs board you can influence MF and specific topics efficiently. The board is a more operative body under Fullmäktige (Council).

  • Standar bearer

    A position of honor at MF, is in charge of MFs standar and flags. Toastmaster at the dinners (Gasques) and leads our delegation at Walpurgis and Nobel.

  • Hostess

    The Hostess, together with the Host, is responsible for welcoming MFs guests and sending out the invitations before our dinners (gasques), including the amphiox, lucia and spring ball.

  • Tomb keeper

    Tends to MFs tombs at Solna cemetary.

  • Editor in chief and publisher of Medicor

    The editor in chief for medicor leads the work with MFs magazine.

  • Equal treatment committee

    The equal treatment committee board leads the committee’s work and influences MF and KI to make sure everyone has equal rights.

  • International committee

    The international committee board leads the committee’s work and integrates all international studnets at KI. It’s a popular and social body at MF, that influences both MF and KI in these matters.

  • Scholarship committee

    MFs own scholarship committee announces, reviews and proposes who should receive scholarships from MFs foundations. Approx 5 meetings a year.

  • Scholarship committee for Stiftelsen John och Kerstin Berglunds support fund

  • Auditor Stiftelsen Folke Sjöqvists 50-årsfond

  • Auditor Medicinska Föreningens samstiftelse för studier

  • Auditor Medicinska Föreningens samstiftelse för studieresor

  • Auditor J Åkermans, B Pernows och C-G Bernhards stiftelse

Student representative positions within KI

  • University board

    KIs university board. Decides in matters such as KIs organisation, economy and more. As a studentrepresentative in this board, you’ll bring forward the ever so important studentperspective. Approx. 3 meetings per semester. Read more at: http://ki.se/om-ki/konsistoriet

  • KI management council

    Supporting council for the Vice-Chancellor and the university director. The deans of KI are also a part of the council. Usually it’s the president and vice president of MF who are elected to this council, which meets once every second week.

  • Board of higher education

    Overall responsibility for the education at KI. Decides on the allocation of funds, strategic investments, as for example the new teaching platform (replacement of PingPong). Approx 1-2 meetings a month. Read more at: http://ki.se/medarbetare/styrelsen-for-utbildning-0

  • Board of research

    Overall responsibilty for research at KI. Decides on allocation of funds and some scholarships. Strategic investments for research are made here. Approx. 1 meeting a month. Read more at: http://ki.se/medarbetare/styrelsen-for-forskning

  • KI/SLL educational council

    Joint educational council where KI and SLL (the hospitals) meet and together discuss and prioritize educational questions in the healthcare.

  • KI/SLL research council

    Joint research council where KI and SLL (the hospitals) meet and together discuss and prioritize research questions in the healthcare.

  • Recruitment committee

    The recruitment committee proposes to the Vice-Chancellor who to hire as a professor or”lektor” at KI. It’s a good possibility to safeguard that even professors have a educational assignment and responsibility. Read more at: http://ki.se/medarbetare/rekryteringsutskottet

  • Committee for associate professors

    The associate professor committee decides who gets the title of associate professor, or ”Docent”.

  • Disciplinary committee

    In cases of cheating, misdirection or harassment within KI, the matter is brought to the disciplinary committee which makes a decision on how to handle it. Read more at: http://ki.se/medarbetare/disciplinnamnden

  • Working environment committee

    MFs student safety representative is also a studentrepresentative in the Working enviroment committee at KI. It’s responsible for the overall working environment at KI, and how the departments are working with the matter.

  • KI scholarship committee

    KIs scholarship committee decides on who to award scholarships from KIs foundations.

  • Strategic council for internationalisation

    Lead by the deputy vice-chancellor for internationalisation, the council works strategically with KIs overall internationalisation work.

  • Reference group for strategic council for internationalisation

    Referensgrupp till Strategiska rådet för internationalisering. Institutionernas påverkansmöjlighet i vad som efterfrågas i det övergripande arbetet.

  • Vice-chancellors council for clinical research and education

    Supports the vice-chancellor in questions regarding clinical research and education. Acts as a reference group to the Vice-chancellor.

  • Culture council

    KIs council for culture are working to visualise the culture in our every day life at KI.

  • Pedagogical prize committee

    The pedagogical prize committee proposes to the board of higher education who should recieve KIs prize for pedagogics.