Election 2018

Apply for student representation positions within KI and positions of trust within Medicinska Föreningen for 2018

Student representative positions within KI

Medicinska Föreningen is looking for student representatives for several positions within KI. If you wish to a part of influencing the education at KI, or a specific department, this is your chance! Maybe you already have a position and wish to continue, or add a new position as well. Either way, take the chance to apply now through the form below! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact [email protected].

Apply before Dec 11th.

Student representation positions:
  • Environment council

    Supports the Vice-Chancellor and deputy University director with advice regarding KI’s enviromental and sustainability work.

  • Culture council

    Runs separate projects and supports the Vice-Chancellor with advice regarding KI’s cultural work.

  • Steering group for separate admissions

    Leads the strategic work concerning fee-paying students and their programs.

  • Workgroup for interprofessional education

    Works with the strategy for interprofessional education.

  • Reference group for International Recruitment for Master Programs (IRMA)

The Educational committees are responsible for all education at their departments. They consist of program directors, teacher representatives and student representatives. Matters handled here are, for example, strategic investments, evaluations of courses and course plans. Through the educational committee you can influence the quality of the education at the specific department.

  • Educational committee at BioNut
  • Educational committee at IMM
  • Educational committee at KBH
  • Educational committee at CMB
  • Educational committee at CNS
  • Educational committee at FyFa
  • Educational committee at KIDS
  • Educational committee at KISöS
  • Educational committee at MBB
  • Educational committee at MEB
  • Educational committee at MedH
  • Educational committee at MedS
  • Educational committee at MMK
  • Educational committee at MTC
  • Educational committee at Neuro
  • Educational committee at OnkPat

Apply for student representation positions

Positions of trust within Medicinska Föreningen

Medicinska Föreningen is still looking for candidates for the following positions of turst for 2018! The board and committees already have elected members, but there are vacancies, which is why we are looking to expand them. If you’re interested in any of these positions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Apply before Dec 13th.

Positions of trust:
  • Secretary

    approx 2 meetings a month. MFs secretary takes the minutes of the board and Fullmäktige (Council) meetings. Is also a full-fledged member of MFs board. Fluency in Swedish is a requirement.

  • Board member

    approx 2 meetings a month. As a member of MFs board you can influence MF and specific topics efficiently. The board is a more operative body under Fullmäktige (Council).

  • Tomb keeper

    Tends to MFs tombs at Solna cemetary.

  • Editor in chief and publisher of Medicor

    The editor in chief for Medicor leads the work with MFs magazine.

  • Equal treatment committee

    The Equal treatment committee board leads the committee’s work and influences MF and KI to make sure everyone has equal rights.

  • International committee

    The International committee board leads the committee’s work and integrates all international studnets at KI. It’s a popular and social body at MF, that influences both MF and KI in these matters.

  • Scholarship committee MF

    MFs own scholarship committee announces, reviews and proposes who should receive scholarships from MFs foundations. Approx 5 meetings a year.