As a member of Medicinska Föreningen you have the right to be in the Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (SSSB) housing queue and rent an apartment from them. SSSB is the largest distributor of student accommodation in Stockholm with almost 8 000 rooms all over Stockholm. SSSB is owned by Stockholms studentkårers centralorganisation (SSCO).

Stockholms studentkårers centralorganisation (SSCO)

Extract from – About SSCO

Stockholm Federation of Student Unions, SSCO, is an organisation for cooperation between student unions in the  Stockholm region. Through our more than 50 members SSCO represents around 80 000 students. Founded in 1896 the organisation’s original focus was providing services to the students in Stockholm. Since then SSCO has moved towards working as a lobby organisation and today the main focus of SSCO is influencing politicians on the local, regional and  national levels. SSCO continues its work towards officials in all levels of government to improve the situation of the  students in Stockholm and to strengthen Stockholm as a leading region for education in Sweden. By bringing student  related issues to the attention of politicians and other policy makers and by working to maintain existing collaborations SSCO aims to secure students’ long-term influence in the region.

Contact us at 08 – 674 76 67 or [email protected].

SSCO has three main tasks:

  • To protect and develop Stockholm as the leading region of education in Sweden.
  • To offer meeting places for students and student unions in Stockholm.
  • To provide students with common services.

Social activities

Every year, together with the Nobel Foundation, SSCO arranges the Nobel lottery. Everyone who is a student at a university or university college in Sweden can buy tickets to the lottery and win the right to buy a couples ticket to the Nobel Prize banquet. You must pay for the ticket if you win, the tickets costs around 1 600 SEK per person. Many students from all over Sweden try their luck in the lottery. Look out for posters at your college in September or visit

During the Swedish holiday walpurgis SSCO annually arranges the traditional student festivities. During the day the student unions participate in the celebration at Skansen. And on the evening of walpurgis there is the pub crawl where you visit student pubs around Stockholm. At (only in Swedish) you can find more information about parties and pubs hosted by the student associations in Stockholm. For further information about social activities for students in Stockholm contact [email protected].

Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (SSSB)

Extract from – About SSSB

“Stockholms studentbostäder (SSSB) is a foundation created in 1958 by the Federation of Student Unions in Stockholm (SSCO). Based on our task, to supply homes to students who are members of an SSCO-affiliated student union, we offer Stockholm’s students comfortable and good-value student housing.

We are the biggest student housing provider in Stockholm with nearly 8 000 rooms and apartments all over Stockholm. We have a dynamic, young target group comprising both Swedish and international students of higher education.”

Sign up for the SSSB housing queue

To be in the SSSB housing queue and collect credit days you have to be between 16 and 54 years old and be a member of a Stockholm student association (such as Medicinska Föreningen).

Think about the following:

  • If you have a Swedish civic registration number, you need to make sure it is registered at both SSSB and Medicinska Föreningen
  • If you do not have a Swedish civic registration number, you need to have the same email address registered at SSSB and Medicinska Föreningen

We export information about our members daily to SSSB.

90 days after you have signd up for the housing queue, SSSB will check if you are a student union member. If you are not a student union member when they check it, you will lose your days. In order to save your days you can park them for up to 36 months.

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