Regardless if you’re new here at KI or have studied for several semesters, the student union can be something for you. There are lots of reasons to become a member of MF. You can choose all of them or select some of your favourites. Being a member of MF is optional, but in order to participate in the activities organised by the student union bodies you need to be a member. As a member of MF you also get the same discounts as non-members such as obtaining student discounts coupled to the Mecenat card given to you by MF but also other offers sent out via e-mail or the website. You will also have member-friendly prices to participate in parties organised by the Entertainment Committee (PrU) on behalf of the student union. To read more about how you can be a part of this, see Studentlife [link].

As a member of MF you get more than just this, you’re also supporting our work in safe guarding and affecting the education for the better. Our student representatives work to offer the students opinions and perspective in KI:s ranks and boards. If you’re interested in becoming a student representative yourself or not, your membership can help to secure our continued work. To read more about or student representatives and the student influence they conduct, see Student influence [link].

Membership in MF can either be payed per semester or for a full year. The prices vary somewhat, with the semester price at 195 SEK and the full year price at 370 SEK.