Mottagningsutskottet (MU) – Reception Committee

The Reception Committee would like to welcome you to KI and Medicinska Föreningen!

Your first couple of weeks at KI will probably not be remembered as a time of buying new textbooks and going to lectures – instead it will be a time filled with loads of new encounters and making many new friends. During these weeks you will meet the classmates who will turn into some of your closest friends as well as older students who might give you tips and insight in how to survive at KI. We at The Reception Committee would therefore like to invite you and your fellow classmates to a reception where you will be able to bond with each other in the best possible way!

The Reception Committee (Mottagningsutskottet, MU) is a part of your student association, Medicinska Föreningen. Each term we do our best to make sure that all new students feel welcome and begin their time here at KI with a fun couple of weeks. With everything from pub crawls and dinner parties, to games and contests there is something for everyone to enjoy!

The reception starts with a Welcome day at both our campuses. There you will get the opportunity to meet us and hang out with some of your future classmates. The reception will continue for another four weeks and will peak in the traditional “Amphiox day”. There you and your team will compete against your fellow classmates all over the city and later that evening during our traditional Amphiox sitting, a fun dinner party with entertainment, our new students will finally become a part of Medicinska Föreningen! Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events later in the term!

In the reception schedule below you can find the Reception Committee’s events as well as other organizations events within Medicinska Föreningen. These few weeks are a fantastic chance to get to know your student association, as well as your fellow students, both classmates and more experienced veterans.

Best wishes from the whole Reception Committee!

Chairperson: Kaj Li
Vice chairperson: Rebecca Heurlin