Nominate for Crux Magna Medicorum

Medicinska Föreningen’s highest medal of honor

Crux Magna Medicorum was institutet by the Board in 1981 and is MF’s highest medal of honor. It’s awarded those whose efforts for MF have been long lasting, comprehensive and unmeasureable. The medal can only be awarded to members, former members, staff of MF and others involved in MF. Crux Magna Medicorum is awarded once a year at the traditional Lucia Ball.

Nominate for Crux Magna Medicorum

At the Lucia Ball on the 13th of December, Medicinska Föreningen hands out it’s highest medal of honor, Crux Magna Medicorum. Do YOU know someone who deserves this distinguished award? Then take the chance and nominate that person by sending us an e-mail including the following:

  • First and last name of the person
  • His or her current and previous involvement in MF
  • Why he or she deserves to be awarded Crux Magna Medicorum

Send your nomination to [email protected] no later than the 15th of November.

The Board decides whom to honor with the medal. A maximum of six medals can be awarded at once.