The Council – “Fullmäktige”

The Council meets once a month and is the highest deicision making body of MF. It approves plans, annual reports, budgets and holds the major elections within MF. The council consists of 29 chairs elected by the members directly, including a representative from each section of MF.

The speaker of the council can be reached at: [email protected]

The Board

Medicinska Föreningen’s board, appointed by  the Council during its first meeting in November, meets twice per month during the semesters. The board is the operational branch of the Council and carries out the decisions made by it. Further the board works to continually improve and make MF more effective. It elects the recipients of MFs various rewards and handles recruitments of staff and salaries.

The Board can be reached at: [email protected]


Medicinska Föreningen’s staff consists of five employees: One administrator, one custodian, one doctoral studentombudsperson, one studentombudsperson and one treasurer

Medicinska Föreningens kansli består av fem anställda: En
administratör, en lokalansvarig, ett doktorandombud, ett studentombud och en skattmästare.


The committees of MF works with certain matters, such as equal treatment concerns or internationalisation questions.

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The Societis are connected to MF and have their own focus in different areas, ranging from choires and orchestras to HTBQ and enviromental issues.

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Medicinska Föreningen’s have several councils that exists to support the everyday work of our active members. The council of chairpersons gathers all chairpersons of the committees, sections and societies to inform and share experiences with eachother. The educational council gathers representatives from all the sections to discuss common educational matters, and to elect the recipient of our Mäster award each year. The council of Elders gathers all previous chairpersons of MF and acts as a support and advicing body for the current chairperson.

Committees “Utskott”

The Committees, or Utskott, of MF are the boards extended arms and work with a specific part of MFs operations. For example the pubs and parties, the reception, sporting activities to mention some.

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The sections of MF primarily works with student influence. One section usually represents one educational program at KI, but can sometimes represents several.

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