Solvik is MF’s sports cabin on Värmdö right outside out Stockholm. It is a group of small cabins by the lakeside in moderately distant Beatelund. You can come here when you want to have a party, sauna, go canoeing, hang with friends, walk in the woods, lay in the sun, study with peace and quiet or watch passing boats.

At Solvik there are plenty of beds, jetties, a sauna and boats. The kitchen is equipped including dish washer and it is possible to cook for around 30 people. During the autumn-, spring- and winter-season Solvik is rented per day and in the summer per week.

Taking the bus from Slussen and then walking the last bit takes about 40 minutes. Driving is of course faster.

The booking calendar shows when Solvik is available or occupied (“upptagen”). One day at Solvik lasts from 2 pm one day to 2 pm the next. Therefore, it may appear that it is double booked in the calendar, but that is not the case. You cannot book through the calendar.

Welcome Letter Solvik


By public transport
Take bus 428, 429 or 430 from Slussen towards Ingarö. Check timetables at Get off at Beatelundsvägen (Värmdö). Then go back 20 meters and turn left. Follow the road about 700 meters until you see the Solvik-sign on your left side to the path in the forest. You can also follow the road all the way, just turn left at each turn.

By car
Address: Färjholmsvägen 3, 134 61 Ingarö

Take road 222 towards Gustavsberg. Drive off towards Ingarö/Gustavsberg/Värmdö Marknad and drive towards Ingarö. Turn right to Beatelund (second bus stop you see). Turn left at the trash cans and then left again. The hill might me icy in the winter, so you might have to leave your car by the sauna in the winter.

By boat
Follow Kolström from Baggensfjärden to the east. Solvik is on the north side a bit before you go under the bridge between Värmdö and Ingarö.

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The Sports Cabin Committee

The “Fogdar” of Solvik, a.k.a. The Sports Cabin Committee (Sportstugunämnden), is an ideal group of students or former students that take care of Solvik for free.

If you have questions about Solvik or are interested in joining the Sports cabin committee, you are welcome to contact our “Sportstugechef” Daniel Holl at [email protected] or [email protected].

Internal renting - Student union bodies

The sports cabin committee would like to increase this understanding especially amongst the union bodies that are the major tenants and additional increase the amount of work that can be performed during the “fixa-“days. Furthermore are those days out in Solvik big social events that include a lot of fun.

Each student body that also in the future wants to use its free day in Solvik on an annual basis, has to contribute with work equal to two working days (2×8 hours) at one of the “fixa-“events. The associations / committees that help with the most workers receive as a bonus one extra free day in Solvik.

If you have any questions about Solvik or want to help in and around Solvik are warmly welcome to contact Sportstuguchefen Daniel Holl at [email protected].