Students’ Nobel NightCap (SNNC) was originally started by a diligent student, Mats Nyqvist, at Stockholms School of Economics in 1978. Initially, the responses from the Nobel Foundation and companies were lukewarm, since no one had ever heard of the festivity before. But their fortune was turned when a Nobel Laureate told a TV reporter that Nobel NightCap was the part of the Nobel week that he was looking forward to the most. Since then, NightCap has grown exponentially, and it now attracts more than half of the Nobel Laureates annually. SNNC is since then created by students to celebrate the Nobel laureates. The festivities always take place after the Nobel Banquet the 10th of December and it is a magical occasion with a different spectacular (and secret!) theme every year. SNNC is organized by a different university in Stockholm every year, alternating between Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University and Karolinska Institutet. This year, the 39th edition of Students’ Nobel NightCap will be held at Karolinska Institutet and realized by the student union, The Medical Students Association (MF). On the night of the 10th December, MF:s union house and KI:s campus in Solna, will open the doors at exactly 22:00 to welcome our guests and will close at 05.00 the 11th December. The event is a collaboration between MF, KI, the Nobel Foundation, Swedish Industry and most important, lots of students! The event will be hosting around 1500 guests in total and there will be approximately 300 students working voluntarily with the project. Our main goal is, like it has been throughout these past 38 years, to provide a relaxed environment for the Nobel Laureates, so that they can celebrate their award together with representatives from the Swedish corporate society, members of the Parliament, professors and students. In order to create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere, the above mentioned top secret theme will influence the decorations, food, drinks and entertainment. It will be an amazing experience that the guests never will forget.