Spring fixing weekend at Solvik

Spring is here and it’s time for another spring fixing weekend at MF’s sports cabin Solvik! We will build new steps to our new main entrance, chop firewood and perform som general spring cleaning. To get it done we need your help!!

The fixing weekend is on the 23rd – 24th of March and you can participate for the entire weekend (bring bedsheets for the beds) or just for a few hours. The Sports Cabin Committee offers free food, great company, gorgeous scenery and an awesome sauna for everyone participating! If you’re part of a union body (section, committee, society etc.) at MF you can earn a free night at Solvik if you work for 2×8 hours!

Regardless of previous experience of MF, Solvik or working in the nature you are extremely welcome to our great cabin that we are sure you’ll love as much as we do!

23rd – 24th of March

Solvik is located on Ingarö, Värmdö, in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. Find directions here.

Register your participation here to help us plan the food! 

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