Occupational Therapy Section (Artemis)

Artemis is MF’s section for students at the occupational therapy programme at Karolinska Institutet.

We organize various events during the semester that students can participate in. Examples of events are:

  • Kollot, arranged for all of our new students.
  • A picnic where all occupational therapy students meet and finish the semester together.
  • Interesting lectures in addition to the regular teaching.

During Artemis meetings we also discuss potential problems with the occupational therapy program. Artemis also want to disseminate information from MF back to the students in order to keep you updated. Artemis is there for you! The goal is to always have two representatives from each semester so that each student can express their opinions to their representatives and make their voices heard. Artemis has meetings at least once a month and all occupational students are also welcome to attend these meetings. Time and place of our meetings are advertised on the notice board outside the kitchen on the 4th floor.