Physical Therapy Section (Fysio)


The Physical Therapy Section (Fysio) is MF’s section for students at the Physical Therapy Programme at Karolinska Institutet.

We in Fysio work actively to improve the programme and strive to make all students happy and feel good. We work to create good cohesion and communication across the semesters. That’s why we organize parties and other fun activities; pub nights, beer pong tournament, strength competition and more for all students on the programme!

Each semester, our kollo group organizes the much appreciated “kollo” for all new students, where you get to know your new class and get tips and tricks from older students.

In addition to this, the section works to develop the education, we cooperate with Fysioterapeuternas Studentstyrelse and we are here for all students to answer questions and help if problems arise.

We are simply the link between the students and the programme!