Psychology Section (PsyKI)

The Psychology Section is MF’s section for students at the Psychology Programme at Karolinska Institutet.

PsyKI provides a forum for social activities, voicing your opinions and advocating for change. Most importantly, it creates a meeting place for all the students in the programme.

PsyKI arranges parties and pub nights for the psychology students and welcoming committee activities for new students. Our ambition is to bring together all psychology students and contribute in creating a richer student life. PsyKI also acts as a forum where new ideas and suggestions regarding improvements to the program are exchanged and forwarded to the programme council. The members of PsyKI can effect change on the on-going events and activities of the programme. Being involved provides you with the opportunity to make new contacts, contribute with your unique qualities, and promote your interests.

We encourage you to be involved, however being a board member or student representative is not required to participate in our meetings. You are always welcome to join us for a “fika”, listen to what is happening in PsyKI, and share you thoughts, opinions, and ideas!