Students ombudsperson

Medicinska Föreningens student ombudsperson is an independent expert who you as a student can turn to with questions regarding KIs rules, or as support in conflicts and other situations that can arise during your time at KI. Matters are treated confidentially, it’s always free of charge and is available for ALL students, regardless of membership in Medicinska Föreningen.

What can the SO do? What can’t the SO do?
  • Be a neutral and independent instance between you and Karolinska Institutet (KI) in a possible conflict
  • Help you understand your own rights and obligations
  • Help you with complaints
  • Investigate whether KI follows the rules in handling your cases and protects your rights
  • Take sides in the matter
  • Decide on the matter
  • Instruct or get instructed by units or decision-making bodies at KI
  • Be an appeal body for issues already addressed and dealt with by other entities or decision-making bodies at KI

Never hesitate to contact the student ombudsperson, as the work entails supporting individual students as well as improving the enviroment for all at KI.

The student ombudsperson at Medicinska Föreningen, Nazira Hammoud Shahwan, can be reached at [email protected] or 08 524 830 73