Vacant positions

Below you’ll find all the positions that are open for applications at the moment.

Positions listed in this section are available for students who speak English but not Swedish aswell.

To apply for a student representative position for 2018, apply via the election page:

Do you want to represent the clinical PhD students at Karolinska Institutet in an evaluation of clinical research in Sweden?

We are looking for 4 PhD students to attend a hearing in English in Stockholm on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. Participants in the hearing are an international panel of clinical research experts. The discussion with the PhD students takes place at 15.15-16.15. The venue will be announced later. The hearing will be in English.

The Swedish Research Council, on behalf of the government, evaluates clinical research in Sweden in the seven ALF regions. The evaluation is divided into three parts that review different aspects of quality. For more information about the evaluation and its three components, read more here.

In the evaluation of the clinical research conditions, on-site hearings will be conducted with representatives from county councils and university hospitals. At these hearings, it is very important that representatives from the doctoral group in each region be given the opportunity to express their views and perspectives on the conditions for research offered. The students’ opinions will be collected as part of the evaluation, the purpose of which is to improve and develop the clinical research conditions in Sweden.

The hearing will be on the following aspects:

  • Access to research infrastructure
  • Time for research
  • Next generation of researchers
  • Career model for clinical researchers

It is important that you are employed by some part of the medical care, for instance SLSO a hospital or a private caregiver, and that you undertake your postgraduate education within the framework of your clinical employment. You should also have completed you half-time seminar. We would also like the 4 doctoral representatives to be active in different parts healthcare and have different professions. Other than this, there are no special requirements. This is an opportunity to be present at the hearing and describe the daily life of clinical PhD students as part of the Swedish Research Council’s evaluation.

Send a short description of yourself (Name, Occupation, Workplace, Institution, Brief Motivation) to [email protected] by December 10th. The board of the doctoral students’ association (DSA) will try to put together as mixed a group as we can and we will notify all applicants of our decision by the 15th of December.

Control Group for SciLife master

KI, SU and KTH have a common master in Molecular technics in Life Sciences. It’s closely connected to SciLife Lab at Solna Campus, hence the name. The control group is in charge of the development of the collaboration, and the students are essential in this work. Now we’re looking for those who want to influence and contribute in this development.

This application is for the period up until the end of the year. A new application will be sent out later this autumn, for the period of 2018.

Email a motivation to [email protected], and the MF board will address it at its next meeting.

Referencegroup for KIB and the Academic Writing Support 

KIB organises the Academic Writing Support, which helps student with the academic writing. The support is constantly being developed and to secure that the development is going in the right direction, we students have a chance to be a part of a referencegroup where new suggestions can be aired, or feedback given on the current activities.

This application is for the period up until the end of the year. A new application for 2018 will be sent out later in the semester.

Email a motivation to [email protected], and the MF board will address it at its next meeting.