Medicinska Föreningen is a student union by its members, for its members. To make sure that the interests of our members is setting the agenda, all members of Medicinska Föreningen have the right to vote in the Union election for the Council, as well as the possibility of running in the elections themselves.

Direct personal choice (that all members get to vote on the candidates directly) takes place on two occasions. For the election to the Council, where all members can run for a chair, all members get a link to their email account, through which one gets five votes to place on five different candidates. During the same time of the year, the election to the international committee takes place, in the same manner as the election to the Council. These two elections are your most efficient way of influencing the Student Unions direction, as the members of the Council and International Committee are the ones to make the major decisions the coming year. The Council can, in a simple way, be likened with the Swedish Parliament, while the International Committee fills a similar function, in internationalisation questions. These two elections are both held in October each year.

The new Council will, during its first gathering, elect the positions of trust for the coming year. In this election all members can candidate, and the election is handled by the election committee. The Council then elects the positions of trust after recommendations from the election committee. Amongst these positions are Hostess, President, member of the board, studentrepresentation in the board of higher education, and many more.

Many more elections will be held during the year, as all committees, societies and sections will elect their positions of trust within themselves. In these elections it is the individual union bodies members that vote on who they see fit to lead/represent them the coming year.

For an approximated timeline of the elections, view below:

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Here you can also see that a few more elections are mentioned, as SSCO and FFS.  This means that Medicinska Föreningens board elects candidates for these organisations yearly meetings, to further influence and effect our work within these organisations.

Read more about these organisations here: