Medicinska Föreningens sections are for you who want to engage yourself in your education, or find your place in the university life. There is today 12 different section within Medicinska Föreningen (se below).

The section is responsible for student influence, study social and internationalisation questions at your program. In more tangible terms it can mean that the section elects student representatives, host introductory camps, barbeques or other events. Your section grows with your commitment and becomes what you and your fellow students make it. Don’t miss your chance to affect your education and student union!

Occupational Therapy Section (Artemis)
 - The section for students at the Occupational therapy programme

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Artemis – The student association for the Occupational therapy programme
Artemis is part of Medicinska Föreningen (MF). We organize various events during the semester that students can participate in. Examples of events are:

  • Kollot, arranged for all of our new students.
  • A picnic where all occupational therapy students meet and finish the semester together.
  • Interesting lectures in addition to the regular teaching.

During Artemis meetings we also discuss potential problems with the occupational therapy program. Artemis also want to disseminate information from MF back to the students in order to keep you updated. Artemis is there for you! The goal is to always have two representatives from each semester so that each student can express their opinions to their representatives and make their voices heard. Artemis has meetings at least once a month and all occupational students are also welcome to attend these meetings. Time and place of our meetings are advertised on the notice board outside the kitchen on the 4th floor.

[email protected]

Audiology Section
 (AS) - The section for students at the audiology programme

The Audiology section is a part of Medicinska föreningen (MF) and exists for the audiology students. The section works with questions regarding student health, development of the education and of course social events. During the semesters we plan different events for all audiology students. We also discuss any problems that might occur with the education and exchange experiences with other sections at Medicinska föreningen. The goal is to always have two representatives from each semester so that each student can express their opinions to their representatives and make your voice heard.

[email protected]

Biomedical Laboratory Science Section (BAS) - The section for students at the Biomedical Laboratory Science programme

Welcome to the Biomedical Laboratory Science Section BAS!

We focus on questions regarding education, social acitivities and the well-being of our students.

You are more than welcome to contact us with all of your questions, thoughts or ideas related to BAS at [email protected]!

Chairperson: Maud Brönnimann
[email protected]

Biomedicine Section (BUS) - The section for students at the bachelor programme in biomedicine and master programme in biomedicine, bioentrepreneurship and toxicology

The Biomedical Section (BUS) gathers students from the  PN-7 programmes which involves  the bachelor and master programmes in Biomedicine in addition to the master programme in Bioentrepreneurship and Toxicology.

The sections main focus is to gather students and discuss matters concerning the education as well as the educational development in the programmes. The students interest towards KI in general is also represented. The section is also involved in organizing events and social activities for the  students (national and international) during the year. It might be inviting inspiring professors or companies to have a lecture for the students or renting the students unions sport cabin Solvik for a weekend.

As a student representative in BUS  you have the great opportunity to bring forward any ideas you might have on how the biomedicine programmes at KI could be improved or on what kind of events and social activities the section should organize for the students.

Your input is highly appreciated and if you are active in the section, we can help you promote your ideas. You are  welcome to all of our meetings where a notice will be sent to all biomedicine students a week prior to the meeting.

If you have any questions regarding the programs or the sections work, do not hesitate to contact us! email : [email protected]

Doctoral Students

The Doctoral Students’ Association (DSA) aims to promote the situation for doctoral students at Karolinska Institutet (KI) as regards supervision, education, salary, work environment and other important aspects.

We are the biggest section within MF, responsible for all doctoral students at KI, currently cirka 2200. The eleven board members are elected on a year wise basis and meet minimum nine times a year.

Why Join Us?

Being a successful scientist no longer only requires good science skills. You can benefit a lot from learning how the University functions, how decisions are made and how you can influence things.

In addition you can get elected to represent the PhD candidates and one of the many board and committees in KI.

You will also be part of a great and energetic team who are ready to stand up and do our best to help other students.

If you are interested, feel free to come to any of our board meetings or contact us!

Chairperson: Iulia Savchuk
[email protected]

Public Health Sciences Section - The section for students at the master programme in public health sciences, health economics, policy and management and global health

The Public Health Sciences Section deals with student-related issues in the different Public Health tracks at the Karolinska Institutet.

– Master of Science in Global Health

– Master of Science in Health Informatics

– Master of Science in Work and Health

– Master of Science in Public Health (Epidemiology / Health Economics, Policy and Management)

We are students from the different years that meet once a month to discuss the current programs. We organize different activities for the Public Health students to establish networks and provide each other feedback at the beginning of each academic year.

You are more than welcome to join the meetings and discuss interesting topics. We encourage both international and Swedish students to come. If you are interested to get in touch with the section or interested in getting involved, please contact the section members listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Where can I go to “student-friendly” places in Stockholm?

  • Historiska Museum: Free admission every Friday –
  • Nordiska Museum: Free admission every Wednesday at 5pm –
  • Herman’s Restaurant:  1/2 price on buffet with student ID –
  • Free Stockholm Tour:
  • The Liffey English Pub: Free Buffet after 5pm –

Chairperson: Sanna Edwin
[email protected]

Physical Therapy Section - 
The section for students at the physical therapy programme

[Translation coming shortly]

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Fysioterapeutsektionen (Fysio) är en del av Medicinska föreningen och representerar alla studenter vid Fysioterapeutprogrammet vid Karolinska Institutet!

Vi i Fysio jobbar för att alla studenter på programmet ska må bra och trivas. Att ha en god sammanhållning över terminsgränserna är vår ambition. Därför anordnas fester och andra roliga aktiviteter; såsom insparksfester, biljardkväll etc. för alla studenter på programmet!

Sektionen innefattar även kollogruppen som anordnar det mycket uppskattade kollot i början av terminen för alla nya T1or! Det är två fantastiska dagar där ni lär känna er nya klass! Alltså mycket värdefulla dagar!
Även idrottsutskottet (idru) finns som anordnar flera idrottsaktiviteter; innebandytisdagar, skidresor, bowlingkvällar etc.

Förutom detta jobbar sektionen för att utbildningen ska kunna utvecklas, har ett samarbete med Fysioterapeuterna Stockholm (studenternas fackförbund) och vi finns till hands för alla studenter med att svara på frågor och hjälpa till om problem skulle uppstå.
Vi är helt enkelt länken mellan studenterna och själva programmet!

Ordförande: Elin Frisell
[email protected]

Speech and Language Section - The section for students at the speech and language programme

If you have questions about the Speech and Language Pathology Student’s Association, please contact [email protected] You can also go to the Speech and Language Pathology Student’s Associations site on pingpong (unfortunately, only in Swedish so far), where you’ll find information on activities, gatherings and journals from the association meetings.

The Speech and Language Pathology Student’s Association aims to represent and give voice to the students’ opinions and requests, in dialogue with Karolinska Institute.
The section work with issues concerning student health, educational development and education related questions, and social activities for students. Student representatives for councils and groups within the programme are appointed at the association meetings.

New SLP student? We recommend that you pay a visit to the SLP programme website at
(Education at KI -> Study programme -> Speech and language pathology study programme).

The board has the general responsibility of the activities and work of the Speech and Language Pathology Student’s Association. Don’t hesitate to contact the board through the email adress below!

Chairperson: Alekzandra Lord
[email protected]

Medical Students

The Medical Student’s Assocation’s (swe Läkarsektionen, LS) main focus are student governance and influencing the education as well as the educational development. LS also represents the students’ interests towards KI. As a student you have a unique firsthand experience of the education at KI, and as an international student you may have a different perspective than most other students and if you have any ideas on how the medical program at KI could be improved or on how the process of welcoming international students should be improved, please contact us.

Your input is important to us, and we can help you promote your ideas. You are also welcome to all of our meetings, a notice will be sent to all medical students a week prior to the meeting.  LS does not organise social events but encourage you to find such activities in other part of Medicinska Föreningen (MF), such as IFMSA (international federation of medical students’ association) or PrU (the organization responsible for most events at MF).

We encourage all international students to contact global friends at Medicinska Föreningen prior to their arrival in Stockholm and during their stay, who can help you with questions about accommodation and social activities during your stay.

Chairperson: Ida Lagerström
[email protected]

Optometry Section (Kaustika) - 
The section for students at the optometry programme

Check out our Facebook group!

The name of the Optometry section of Medicinska Föreningen is Kaustika. Kaustikas main task is to work towards a pleasant environment for the students at the optometry program. This is achieved by discussing questions and problems that may occur, arrange themed parties and pubs and arrange kick off activities for our new coming students each fall. To keep track of what is going on in the section do not hesitate to contact any members of the section board or check out our facebook group!

If you want to be a part of Kaustika and the activities arranged by the section please attend one of our board meetings where everyone is welcome. Kaustika is proud to stand as a united front in important student matters.

Chairperson: Emma Stridh
[email protected]

Psychology Section (PsyKI) - The section for students at the psychology programme

PsyKI is the student association for the Psychology programme which provides a forum for social activities, voicing your opinions and advocating for change. Most importantly, it creates a meeting place for all the students in the programme.

PsyKI arranges parties and pub nights for the psychology students and welcoming committee activities for new students. Our ambition is to bring together all psychology students and contribute in creating a richer student life. PsyKI also acts as a forum where new ideas and suggestions regarding improvements to the program are exchanged and forwarded to the programme council. The members of PsyKI can effect change on the on-going events and activities of the programme. Being involved provides you with the opportunity to make new contacts, contribute with your unique qualities, and promote your interests.

We encourage you to be involved, however being a board member or student representative is not required to participate in our meetings. You are always welcome to join us for a “fika”, listen to what is happening in PsyKI, and share you thoughts, opinions, and ideas!

Chairperson: Malena Raventlid
[email protected]

Nursing Section (SSEK) - The section for students at the nursing programme, specialist nursing programme, radiographer programme and midwife programme

[Translation coming shortly]

Sjuksköterskesektionen SSEK är sjuksköterskestudenternas, röntgensjuksköterskestudenternas och specialistsjuksköterskestudenternas sektion inom Medicinska Föreningen (MF).

SSEK består av dess medlemmar vilka är sjuksköterskestudenter från respektive program som också är medlemmar i MF. Alla sjuksköterskestudenter vid respektive program är välkomna till SSEK:s möten och har där rätt att yttra sig men saknar rösträtt om de ej är medlem i MF.

SSEK är representerade i nämnder och kommittéer vid Karolinska Institutet (KI) som berör sjuksköterskeutbildningen. Dessa är bland annat Programnämnden, Sjuksköterskestudenternas Internationella Kommitté (SINK), Studiesociala kommittén och Kursplanerådet. SSEK har även egna organ (kommittéer & arbetsgrupper) till vilka man kan väljas som representant som medlem i SSEK. Sådana kommittéer är bland annat sjuksköterskeprogrammets Festkommitté och Kollo-grupp.

SSEK syftar till att arbeta med utbildningsfrågor, studiesociala frågor och internationaliseringsfrågor som gäller sektionsmedlemmarnas utbildning, dessutom att värna sektionsmedlemmarnas gemensamma intressen samt alstra och vidmakthålla ett gott kamratskap inom sektionen (Baluns helt enkelt!). Detta görs i huvudsak genom att verka i ovan nämnda organ men även genom mindre formella initiativ. Till SSEK vänder du dig om du har frågor om programmet, om du vill vara med och påverka din egen utbildning eller om du bara vill komma och umgås med studenter från andra kurser. Vi har dessutom till uppgift att ta vara på sektionsmedlemmarnas gemensamma intressen samt generera och bibehålla en god sammanhållning inom sektionen.

Chairperson: Angelica Carlsson
[email protected]