The Board

The board is the executive body that leads the daily operations of the association. The Board is responsible for the association’s finances and administration, prepares draft budget, compiles the associations annual history and annual reports, hiring officials and determine their terms of employment and decides on various everyday matters.

The board prepares matters to be considered by the senate. The board consists of 7-13 people and is responsible to the senate which also appoints all board members at the council’s inaugural meeting. At its meetings, the board may co-opt persons who the board believes should be present in the treatment of a particular issue.

The board of 2017:


The chairmanship consists of the President and Vice President of Medicinska Föreningen. They have in short terms, as purpose to represent the association and ensure that the council and board decisions are enforced.

President of Medicinska Föreningen

Max Kynning
[email protected]
08-524 830 77

Vice President of Medicinska Föreningen

Pontus Dannberg
[email protected]
08-524 830 76


Matilda Kjellander

Board members:

Klara Arvidsson
Ghonchehgol Assadi
Nina Aurell
Sandra Carlsson
Linnéa Dalman
Bethel Embaie
Sammy-Jo Geara
Johanna Hagman
Iuliia Savchuk
Katarina Stojanovic

Contact: [email protected]