The Board

The board is the executive body that leads the daily operations of the association. The Board is responsible for the association’s finances and administration, prepares draft budget, compiles the associations annual history and annual reports, hiring officials and determine their terms of employment and decides on various everyday matters.

The board prepares matters to be considered by the senate. The board consists of 7-13 people and is responsible to the senate which also appoints all board members at the council’s inaugural meeting. At its meetings, the board may co-opt persons who the board believes should be present in the treatment of a particular issue.

The board of 2018:


The chairmanship consists of the President and Vice President of Medicinska Föreningen. They have in short terms, as purpose to represent the association and ensure that the council and board decisions are enforced.

Iris Peña Arriarán and Laura Andersson are Medicinska Föreningen’s President and Vice President 2018. Iris is a Medical student and has previously been involved in the Programme Committee, the skit groups Flix and Corpus and SSCO (Stockholm Student Union’s Central Organization). During 2018, Iris will work to develop and secure the student influence at Karolinska Institutet.

Laura is a biomedical analyst student and in 2017 she has been chairperson of the Reception Committee and has project management experience in the past. During 2018, Laura will focus on the inner life of the student union, to develop the community and the visibility of Medicinska Föreningen.

President of Medicinska Föreningen

Iris Peña Arriarán
[email protected]
08-524 830 77

Vice President of Medicinska Föreningen

Laura Andersson
[email protected]
08-524 830 76


Omar Branzell

Board members

Anastasios Mastroanastasiou
Anton Hoffman
Carl Blomkvist
Fredrik Jöneby
Hanna Eklund
Karin Ström
Leif Karlsson

Contact: [email protected]