Union Election 2020

Here are the candidates!

The Union Election is your chance to voice your opinion – what kind of future do you want for Medicinska Föreningen? Look through the candidates, read their statements, and decide who should represent you in the Union Council (Fullmäktige)!

A voting link will be sent to all members of Medicinska Föreningen via email. You can vote from the 26th to the 31st of October.

Candidates Union Council FuM 2020-2021

Gabriel Allgårdh

Medical student T1


My name is Gabriel Allgårdh and would like to candidate to become a member of the council (Fullmäktige) in Medicinska Föreningen. As a first semester medical student it has only been a few weeks since I first put my fopt on campus. I have however already had a great impression of campus, the employees as well as the students. I have many years ahead of me and can therefore not see how I couldn’t make KI a second home. The same safe and inspiring milieu I see at KI I want others to experience too. My vision is therefore to co-operate in order to allow for the greatest of circumstances for a vivid and inspiring home; I want to be one of those who, with means of the MF, strive to embody this vision.

Zusanna Bjurenfalk

Psychology student

I am part of FuM this term and I am running for the upcoming term as well.The motive for prolonging my participation in FuM is that I would like to continue to be a part of and contiunue to contribute to the development of the work of Medicinska Föreningen. My focus lays in increasing the relevance of MF amongst KI students.

Constance Boissin

PhD student

I would like to apply for a position at FuM in order to follow-up the current role I have had as a doctoral student representative in my department (Global Public Health) and in my doctoral programme (Public Health Sciences). I would now like to have a role at a more central level within MF and share my experience with other students from different backgrounds and programmes. I am really looking forward to improve the education at KI as well as the life of the students, especially their emotional wellbeing in the current difficult situation.

Oscar Dwyer

Medical student T8

During my studies at KI I have been involved in the association Blåslaget and thus also come in contact with several others of MF’s associations and committees. I have had a lot of fun and would be very happy to be given the chance to learn more about MF as a whole and its collaborations with KI, as well as being able to contribute to the union. I have learned a lot from my participation in the Blåslaget board and believe I would learn much more by getting a wider perspective on the union.

Naela Hagatulah

Medical student T6

My name is Naela, I am 24 years old and before my studies at Karolinska I lived in a small town in Småland. I have chosen to candidate partly since I I believe participation is important as these decisions will affect us as students, and partly just because I enjoy meeting new people and discussing new ideas and solutions! I have some experience from gymnasiet/upper secondary school/ high school as chairman/president at our student council.

Andreas Henriksson

Psychology student T3

Studentlivet på KI ska vara tillgängligt, enkelt och framförallt roligt. I min roll som ordförande för psykologsektionen (PsyKI) har jag allt för ofta fått höra att det är krångligt att engagera sig i studentlivet och att det är svårt att förstå varför man bör vara medlem i MF. Så ska det inte vara. Därför har jag tillsammans med styrelsen arbetat för att psykologstudenterna på KI ska vilja engagera sig både i det studiesociala och i utvecklingen av programmet för att få det studentliv de själva önskar. Nu vill jag höja blicken och möjliggöra det samma för alla studenter på KI.

Alexander Klaréus

Psychology student T3

Medicinska Föreningen must strive to be a relevant organization for its members. We still have a lot to do in that regard – and I want to do my part. Medicinska föreningen is the very foundation for opulent student life at Karolinska Institutet, a heritage we are tasked to carry and evolve. I ask for your continued support for my work in the student council – to strive for a student organization that can constitute our natural meeting place.

Matilda Kjellander


I have broad experiences from KI and MF since 2012. I started my engagement in MF during my first semester and have been part of PrU, FU, the board, the scholarship review committee, as hostess, secretary etc. I want MF to be a community for all students, a place of engagement, ambition, new ideas and friendship. I think I can contribute with my experiences in the strategic and sometimes seemingly abstract decisions FUM has to make. I care very much for MF and would be very happy to be able to contribute one more year.

Vito Marquez Rocco

Master student Health economics, policy and management

I think I could contribute a lot to the KI’s council team. Together, we could try to improve our prestigious university as much as possible. I have devoted a lot of time to helping my former institutions with my passion to serve, so I did as president of the student union in my schools at the University of Carabobo in Venezuela: School of Dentistry and Medical Sciences in different periods (so a member of both schools’ council). In addition, I was elected as a representative of my region in the Student National Assembly which served within the National Congress. In addition, I was elected president of the youth of one of the largest parties in the country in my region.

Mirco Martino

PhD student

The welfare and the quality of the education of the students at KI is my priority. In those years as a board member and chairperson of the doctoral students’ association, I have learned a lot about KI structure and leadership and how to deal with them. Last year as a substitute representative of DSA in FuM I attended all the meetings and I gave inputs for many discussions and arguments. This year, I would like to bring my experience in FuM to work for better health and education for doctoral students as well as for all students community at KI.

Sebastian Ols

PhD student

My name is Sebastian, I’m 28 years old, and in my fourth year of my PhD at KI. I have been an active board member of the Doctoral Students’ Association (DSA) for the past three years. Currently I am the vice-chair of the DSA and sit as a suppleant in FUM. I have attended all FUM meetings during the past year and feel like next year I want to play a more active role, hence my candidacy. With doctoral students making up a large proportion of KI’s total student body, I feel it is necessary that we are adequately represented in the students’ union.

Kajsa Oltorp

Medical student T4

I want to be part of FuM because I want to influence my student life. Students at a university have the power to influence how we want our student union to serve us. As an active member of Programutskottet I have gotten some insight into the inner workings of MF. I want to continue on this path and help make our student union a place where we feel supported and represented.

Jan Philipp Reising

PhD student

I have been a member of FuM this year and I would like to continue my efforts. A priority for me is to ensure that MF works for all its constituents, undergraduate and graduate as well as swedish and international students. Being in FuM is a great place to strive for this goal, due to its budgetary power. It was fun getting to know how MF works internally and I am looking forward to being involved in the future.

Erik Söderlund

Psychology student T5

For student representation,
for a rich student life,
for MF

Medicinska Föreningen enables us to live our best lives as students. In addition to my commitment in the Administration Committee and the Programme Committee I want to contribute to the Union Council’s undertaking to further the members’ right to influence their education and a rich student life.

Leonie Vetter

PhD student

Hej, I am a PhD student, who is highly interested in improving the PhD life at KI. Throughout my university life I have been active in different student unions as the student’s wellbeing is at my heart and which is why I’ve joined the DSA last year. Since FuM is one of the most important decision bodies within MF, I believe it is of high importance that more PhD students are represented as we are one of the largest student sections with only very few seats in FuM. My goal is to voice the PhD’s interests and get them heard.

Nils Werge

Medical student T6

I am running for fullmäktig because I genuinely want to be a part of making KI to the best possible medical university it can be, we have the worlds best students so why not?

If you have any questions about the election, FuM or anything else, please send an email to the Election Commission at [email protected].