Become a member

You can now pay for the spring semester 2020Your membership will then be activated right away when we get information about your course registration for the spring semester from KI/LADOK.

Become a member like this:

1. Register on your course in Ladok.
2. Pay the membership fee.

Medicinska Föreningen consists of and exists because of its members. We want it to be easy to become a member and we want you to feel that it’s worth-while to be a member! We are here to make the best of your time at KI!

Here’s a selection of what you get as a member of Medicinska Föreningen:

Different types of membership

Here you can read about our different memberships and how to proceed to become a member.

The student membership is the regular membership for you if you’re in one of the Karolinska Institutet basic, master or PhD programs. You receive full privileges and all the benefits associated with a membership.

To become a student member you need to:

  • Be registered at a course or programme at KI for the current semester
  • Pay the student membership fee, which is 195 SEK per semester. You can also pay 370 SEK for one year, if you know that you are going to be a student for the whole year.

Different ways to become a member:

  1. We automatically send an electronic membership invoice to your KI email address or another email address that’s registered for you once we have received the information from LADOK about your registration. In the email you will find information about how to pay the membership fee and become a member of Medicinska Föreningen.
  2. Once you are registered in our database you will also be able to log in to our member portal using your KI username and password, the same ones you use for your KI email account. There you can pay the fee with credit card or to our bankgiro.
  3. You can visit our student union service desks in Solna or Huddinge and pay the fee directly with card or cash.

Are you an exchange student?

Students at a foreign medical university conducting temporary studies, e.g. Erasmus exchange studies or an internship at Karolinska Institutet as part of their studies, or students registered at another school in Stockholm doing part of their education at KI can also become student members of Medicinska Föreningen. If you are registered in Ladok for your course at KI, you can become a member in one of the ways above.

If you are not registered in Ladok, we will need a certificate of your studies at Karolinska Institutet, in order to register you as a member. You can become a member for one semester at a time, and need to give us a new certificate for each semester.

Email a valid certificate for the current semester to [email protected] and then fill in your information and pay the membership fee of SEK 195 in the member portal.

Certificate of studies at Karolinska Institutet

The intertriginous membership exists for students that are qualified for PhD studies at KI, but that have not yet been registered as PhD students. If you are not yet registered in Ladok, you need to send us a certificate so that we can register you as a member.

You can become a member for one semester at a time. Email us a valid certificate for the current semester signed by your supervisor to [email protected] and then fill in your information and pay the membership fee of SEK 195 in the member portal.

Certificate of studies at Karolinska Institutet

As a postDoc on a stipend you can become a member of Medicinska Föreningen. Since you are not a student, you are unfortunately not entitled to be in the SSSB housing queue or the Mecenat student card with the SL student discount. This is not decided by MF but by the organizations SSSB and Mecenat.

But we still want postDocs on a stipend at KI to have the possibility to be a part of Medicinska Föreningen, so that is why we have a special membership for you. Membership for one semester costs SEK 150 and it gives you the other benefits as participating in MF-activities and societies, reduced prices at the parties and restaurant Mollan. You can also rent our Sports cabin Solvik with reduced prices.

In order for us to register you as a member, we need a valid certificate that you are a postDoc on a scholarship at KI.

Email us a certificate showing that you have the right to the membership to [email protected] together with the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Swedish personal number
  • Complete address (don’t forget the C/O and apartment number)
  • Email address

You will then receive an invoice from us and instructions on how to pay the membership fee!

If you have earlier been a student member and graduated from Karolinska Institutet, or if you have been a student member for at least two years and interrupted your studies, you can apply for permanent membership of Medicinska Föreningen. As a permanent member you will be a member of Medicinska Föreningen for the rest of your life. You can take part in MF:s activities apart from the ones only directed at active students.

To become a permanent member you have to make an application and pay a one-time fee of 1 000 SEK. Contact [email protected] for information how to apply for permanent membership.

If you are interested in our activities but are not studying at Karolinska Institutet, you can become a supportive member of the association one semester or one year at a time. As a supportive member you can participate in the activities of Medicinska Föreningen, except the one aimed specifically at student members. You may also not be elected to the Union Council or the Board, and you can not vote in the elections for Fullmäktige.

The fee for supporting membership is 100 SEK for one semester and 200 SEK for two semesters. You can become a supporting member via the member portal, or by visiting us.