Medicinska Föreningen is a large organistaion, led by the Board. Most of the work at MF is conducted by several committees – the extended arm of the Board. The committees propose their own activities and, to a large extent, do their work independently, with the help of committed members and the means granted to them. The chair and members of the committees are appointed by the Board.

Choose one of the committees below to read more about their activities and work!

Administration Committee (FU)

FU takes care of the infrastructure at MF. FU arranges fixing days to take care of the union house (Kårhuset) and Kårridoren, proposes the budget, is responsible for the MF’s employees and renting of the student union house and the sports cabin Solvik and much more!

Business Committee (NU)

NU is responsible for MF’s contacts and collaborations with life science companies and organisations. NU works to broaden carrier opportunities and organises the career fair CHaSE every year!

Communication Committee (KomU)

KomU is responsible for MF’s website, Instagram, Facebook, info screens, newsletter, the magazine Medicor and the union photographers. KomU’s work is visible everywhere, both online and offline!

Culture Committee

The Culture Committee organises movie nights, stand up nights, open mjic nights and photo competitions at MF. The committee is relatively newly restarted, so all creative ideas are welcome!

Programme Committee (PrU)

PrU is MF’s event fixers! PrU arranges the larger parties at MF (graduation afterparty, amphiox gasque, Lucia ball…) and also hosts the Friday pub in the union house every week.

Reception Committee (MU)

MU welcomes all new students each semester to KI and MF! MU arranges pub crawls, dinners, parties, games and competitions and presents a glimpse of the student life that MF has to offer.

Sports Committee (IdrU)

IdrU is your primary source to physical acitivity at KI – IdrU organizes the sports days, ski trips, surf trips and lots of weekly sports actvities during the whole year.