Blåslaget & Dragplåstret

Blåslaget is the student orchestra of Medicinska föreningen, and Dragplåstret is the show dance group of Blåslaget.

We hold rehearsals at every Tuesday at the MF aula, starting 18:00 with fika. If you are interested to join, or simply want to find out more what we are all about, you are very welcome to just drop by at a rehearsal or send an e-mail to us. It doesn’t matter whether you are a virtous looking for a social environment to perform in or just a beginner that wishes to progress, there is room for every level of artistry.

Blåslaget is a windorchestra, and our repertoire ranges from Strauss to Lady Gaga. Blåslaget and Dragplåstret perform at most of the great parties taking place at KI, as well as openings and welcoming ceremonies for new KI students. We have members from almost any student program at KI, as well as PhD students and exchange students. Every year we travel to the student orchestra festival in either Uppsala or Linköping, where we perform and hang out with student musicians and dancers from all over Sweden.

If you’re interested in music and dance, and are looking for an active and exciting student life in Stockholm, then Blåslaget & Dragplåstret is the answer!

Oda Martin Åhrman