Nominating Commission


The Nominating Commission prepares applications and nominations for positions of trust within Medicinska Föreningen and student representative positions at central level within Karolinska Institutet, which the Union Council Fullmäktige elects. It is e.g. the positions such as MF’s President, the Board, the host couple and the commissions as well as student representative positions in the KI Board Konsistoriet, the Faculty Board and its committees within KI. Most of the positions are elected at the end of the year, but some positions are also elected during the year.

The Nominating Commission announces all the positions, receives the applications and reviews them. The Nominating Commission then nominates to Fullmäktige those they consider most suitable for the positions, based on applications and interviews with the candidates.

The Nominating Commission consists of a representative from each section that the sections themselves propose to the Speaker of Fullmäktige. The Speaker elects one of the representatives to the position of Chair of the Nominating Commission. The Nominating Commission is appointed no later than 30 September each year and will then work until the next Nominating Commission is appointed.

Amineh Ghaderi (DSA)

Lukas Lehtonen (BUS)
Louisa Azizi (LS)
Amanda Van Der Westhuizen (PHS)
Pinja Ruuhinen (PsyKI)