On Nobels väg 10 in Solna lies Medicinska Föreningens’ student union house. This is where most of MF’s activities take place and we also have our nice pub open on Friday evenings.

In the “Aula” we hold our larger parties, “gasques” and bales. The opportunities for organizing a successful event are great. There’s a reason why the Nobel laureates in physiology or medicine usually stay in Stockholm a little longer to attend our Lucia-bale and warmly recommend this event for next years’ prize winner.

We have full rights and premises of different sizes to suit all kinds of events. This has been confirmed by our members and renters who have had their exciting events with us! It has been everything from birthday celebrations, graduation parties, doctoral dinners, Christmas dinners, book releases to conferences and lectures.

Are you  looking for a suitable place? Have a look below at our lovely premises and see if anything might be suitable for you particular event!

For booking or more information

Do you already know what date you are interested in booking and it is also available according to the calendar below? Please send a booking request through the form below and the premises manager will get back to you!

For those who are not entirely sure and want to know more about what a booking entail and what we have to offer, there are PDF documents at the bottom on this page – both general info for those who have not yet decided but also the Administration committee’s regulations for those who wish to book and need to know more detailed about what is required for a rental! These documents will also be sent to you in connection to your booking.

If it is difficult to find what you are looking for, we hope that FAQ can help you!

Our premises

Here you can see what premises we offer and their capacity. If you are interested in learning more about Aulan, Pub & Gasquen or Klubbvåningen – click on the menu below. You can also see the prices there.

The aulaPub and gasqueThe Klubbvåning
Number of guests sitting250 sitting80 sitting70 sitting
Number of guests standing850 standing220 standing150 standing*

*Incuding the upper foyer and the FuM-room

Suitable eventsDinner for large party, conference, concert, dance eventDinner for small party, dance eventDinner for small party, graduation reception, wedding dinner, conference
Sound and light equipmentYesYesNo
Possibility for access to kitchenYesYesYes