Union bodies & associations

Medicinska Föreningen is based on the fact that we as students at Karolinska Institutet jointly bear the responsibility for making our time at the university one of the most life-defining commitments in our lives. Medicinska Föreningen is over 140 years old, and our organization has survived Ebola, HIV, and the Spanish flu. More than survived. Contributed to studies of cure, and relief.

As older students, it is our responsibility to include you in our community, as we ourselves were once included by those who today are leading representatives in the study of the medical disciplines – our alumni. Taking responsibility in a student association means contributing to the organization and implementation of the most important work of all time – to create contact surfaces between us who study medicine and healing.

Below you will find the diversity of the union bodies and associations that exist within Medicinska Föreningen. Whatever you are interested in, we have something for you, and if we do not have it – contact us and we will help you start it.

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