Framtidens Kårhus

– For future health!

Right in the heart of the growing Campus Solna lies Medicinska Föreningen’s (MF) student union house which has worked as the student union’s natural meeting place since 1954. We now aim to carry out a tender, but thorough renovation of the student union house and create a modern meeting place for students, alumni, scientists and hospital staff. This is a place where everyone can meet and discuss how we together can solve the health challenges of tomorrow. The student union house will be a hub for meetings, networking and cooperation within areas such as:

  • Health
  • Health care
  • Health literacy
  • Medical education
  • Life science

We are convinced that a well-functioning and inspiring student union house will strengthen the sense of community, increase well-being, contribute to a wider general education and improved learning among the students and other members. This will, in turn, lead to better prepared future staff in health care, government bodies and industries. For Karolinska Institutet (KI) to continue being a world leading university and attracting top students it is necessary to offer an excellent education and splendid student premises. The latter is unfortunately lacking today.

Present activities

At MF the students of KI, with their different educational focuses, gather to engage in student influence, social activities and health-, health care- and social issues. At MF events like these are arranged: Cultural evenings, balls, skits, concerts, sporting events and evenings where current health related subjects are discussed.

MF’s mission is to ensure the good quality of KI’s education, but also to work for all students’ well-being, rights, equal treatment and development – both educationally and study socially. The Association practises student influence in all of KI’s decision-making and preparatory bodies and has two student and doctoral student ombudpersons employed.


To realise the project of Framtidens Kårhus 65 million SEK need to be raised. The present finances have been raised by support and donations equal to 34 million SEK. KI contributes with a financial support equal to 11 million SEK for project planning and the renovation. The Hans and Barbara Bergstrom Foundation gave, in addition to its support during the course of the project, a donation of 5 million SEK in the spring of 2018 and a further 15 million SEK in the autumn of 2021. The Thelin family has supported the project with 1 million SEK and the foundation Kjell och Märta Beijers Stiftelse also has chosen to support the project with 1 million SEK. Finally, MF itself has contributed with 5 million SEK, which is outside the fundraising goal. The idea is to finance the rest with the help of donations from individuals, private foundations and businesses.

”It is all about people”, says Barbara Bergström, founder of Internationella Engelska Skolan, now with 43 schools and 30 000 pupils in Sweden. “That there is a nice central gathering point for the students of KI and a hub for many activities, that is important for the studies and for the sense of community.”

Fundraising needs

The student union house was expanded with a new aula in 1985, with the help of donation from individuals, foundations and businesses. For the present renovation we give the highest priority to a thorough refurbishment of the aula, the foyer and the big kitchen. To be able to carry out notably more ambitious activities with different kinds of meeting and conferences, it is necessary to update the technical solutions with adapted light- and sound apparatuses. In the foyer we want to create an inviting and mingle friendly meeting point with permanent and temporary art exhibits, among other things. The renovation of the aula, the foyer and a modernisation of the kitchen is calculated to cost 30 million SEK.

The second priority is the klubbvåning and the library, where 10 million SEK are needed for a proper modernisation with improved possibilities for scientific discussion evenings, smaller conferences, panel debates and study social activities. Here we will build study rooms suited for education and group projects, as well as rehearsel spaces for the skit groups, choirs and dance groups. Here disputation- and graduation parties can take place and also events arranged by external parties among our neighbours at Campus Solna.

As a third priority we want to optimize the office environment so that MF’s Board together with its administrative staff can work for all students’ well-being and development, and continue its work with KI. For this renovation 10 million SEK are needed.

A long-term health investment

Our vision is that the future student union house will be an important, natural and known meeting place in the new district Hagastaden together with other businesses/associations at KI, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset and the surrounding life science industry. Questions concerning medical science, health care, education and society will be discussed here, and knowledge and ideas will be exchanged between students, scientists, alumni and other parties. To realise our vision we need help. A donation to the new student union house is an investment in the students who will create the future’s good health care, make important scientifical discoveries and engage in the global health development.