– Studenter för en rättvis vård & akademi

STRÄVA is a group of students and alumni from Karolinska Institutet, who believe in a healthcare system that is equal and available to all. We believe that healthcare should be given based on need and that access to it is a human right. 

However, we do not believe that fair healthcare happens by itself. 

How can we ensure equal care in the future, when almost all education at KI is based on white male anatomy, even though symptoms and diagnoses can differ significantly between different bodies? 

How can we ensure that care is received based on need, when the healthcare system allows for-profit companies to make large gains on minor ailments, while the weakest patients and those with multiple illnesses are neglected?

We live in a city where the average life expectancy for a person in Vårby with a low level of education and a person in Danderyd with a high level of education, differs by 18 years (Read more here)

The healthcare system must ensure that a person’s health is independent of class. We do not believe it will be an easy task. On the contrary, the road ahead is long and arduous. But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Will you take it with us?

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