Studenter i Forskning – SiF

Studenter i Forskning (SiF) Stockholm, or Students in Research, is an association that started as a subgroup to the Medical students’ section, but that has over time become all the more internationalised and cross-programme. SiF aims to bridge the gap between students at Karolinska Institutet (KI) and researchers through workshops, journal clubs and inspiring seminars, among other activities, in addition to showcasing possibilities for students to engage in research-related activities both within and outside of KI.

At our events you can learn about life as a researcher in or beyond academia, catch up on the latest technologies and discoveries, and expand your network by mingling with accomplished scientists and other research-interested students, all over a nice cup of coffee/tea and some classic Swedish “fika”.

We also have a supervisor list (see the link to the right) which includes research groups willing to accept one or more students to work with! The list is continually updated, and if you know of a group that may be intersted in being on the list please feel free to contact us. A similar concept can be found in Gothenburg where it has become very popular. Read more on our facebook page, or check out SiF Göteborg’s facebook page.