Students for Sustainable Development – SSD

Who are we?

Students for Sustainable Development at KI are a diverse group of international and Swedish students, who are devoted to the idea of creating a more sustainable planet. Starting with baby steps, we want to make the ideas and visions behind the sustainable future more present on KI campus and at the MF. SSD at KI organises multiple events, such as seminars, movie nights, clothing swaps, workshops and anything else that comes to mind of our overly ambitious and eager members!

How to reach us?

We are always happy to hear new ideas or to accept new members to help with already existing events. Contact us on whichever social platform you find more convenient for you and let’s work on a sustainable future together!

Report 2022

In March 2022, the Students for Sustainable Development (SSD) and the Equal Treatment Commission (ETC), conducted a survey among members of Medicinska Föreningen to assess their experiences and opinions on social- and environmental sustainability at MF. This report describes the findings of this survey and discusses possible measures to improve sustainability at MF.

Report Sustainablility at MF 2022