Student rights

On this page, we have gathered information about the rights you have as a first or second cycle student or doctoral student at Karolinska Institutet (KI). KI has both rules and instructions that define student rights and the university is also subject to Högskoleförordningen (Higher Education Ordinance) and Högskolelagen (Higher Education Act) and of course all of Sweden’s other laws.

Student influence

In the Higher Education Act it is defined that students have the right to be represented whenever decisions are made or preparation takes place that is important for the education or the students’ situation (Chapter 2, Section 7 of the Higher Education Act).

MF, in our position as a student union at KI, has the right to appoint student representatives at all levels within KI. In this way, we ensure that all educations are of the highest quality and that the students’ best interests are in focus. Read more on the student influence page and learn how you can get involved and influence your education!

Your rights and obligations

On KI’s page about student rights you will find information about all the rights and obligations you have as a student. MF is responsible, through the sections, student representatives and the ombudspersons, for monitoring KI’s complience with the existing regulations and that students’ rights are fulfilled.

Here are direct links to some of the pages about student rights with more info:

Safety network

Do you have problems with the psychosocial or physical study environment? Then it is the safety network you should contact. As a student, you are equated with employees which means that students can and must participate in the work for a good work environment for students (study environment). This is regulated in the Work Environment Act, and works practically with the student union appointing student safety ombudspersons who represent the students in matters concerning the study environment. In addition to the positions as head student safety ombudsperson and student safety ombudspersons, there is one or more student safety representatives. The student safety representatives represent students at the programmes which the section represents.

Student and doctoral student ombudspersons

The student and doctoral student ombudspersons are independent instances that you as a student or doctoral student at KI can turn to with questions regarding KI’s regulations or as support in conflicts or other situations that have arisen during your studies. Matters are treated confidentially, it is always free of charge and is available to all students, regardless of membership in the student union.