Student influence

The main purpose of Medicinska Föreningen is to monitor and participate in the development of the education and the conditions for studies at Karolinska Institutet (KI) (Chapter 4, Section 9 of the Higher Education Act).

As a student union, we have student representatives in all decision-making and preparatory parts of KI, all the way from individual education programs up to KI’s leadership and Board (Konsistoriet). Based on the interests of our members, we work with issues related to quality of education, equal treatment, discrimination, work environment and all other issues that affect students. Together we work to ensure that the education keeps the quality that is expected at a world-class medical university!

As a member of MF, you are automatically a member of the section that represents your education and can apply to the section board. You can also apply for student representative positions and influence the quality of your education yourself by participating in the decisions that KI make!