Get involved in Medicinska Föreningen’s sections if you want to improve your education at KI and get new friends within your programme! There are currently twelve sections within MF. When you become a member of MF you’re also automatically a member of the section that represents your programme and can apply to be a part of the section board!

Your section is responsible for education monitoring and study social matters at your programme. More specifically, the section appoints student representatives within programme-specific KI bodies. The section also arranges introductory activities for new students, information evenings, barbecues or other program-specific events. Your section develops through your commitment and becomes what you and your fellow students make of it! Do not miss your chance to influence your education and the student union aswell!

Find your section below and click on it for more info!

Audiology Section
  • Audiology Programme
Biomedical Educational Section – BUS
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Biomedicine
  • Master’s Programme in Biomedicine
  • Master’s Programme in Toxicology
  • Master’s Programme in Molecular Techniques in Life Science
  • Master’s Programme in Nutrition Science
Biomedical Laboratory Science Section – BAS
  • Biomedical Laboratory Science Programme
  • Master’s Programme in Diagnostic Cytology
Doctoral Students’ Association – DSA
  • All doctoral students at KI

Medical Students’ Section – LS
  • Medical Programme
  • Complementary Programme for Physicians with a Medical Degree from outside the EU/EES and Switzerland
Nursing Section – SSEK
  • Nursing Programme
  • Specialist Nursing Programmes
  • Radiographer Programme
  • Midwife Programme
  • Complementary Programme for Nurses from outside the EU/EES and Switzerland
Occupational Therapy Section – Artemis
  • Occupational Therapy Programme
Optometry Section – Kaustika
  • Optometry Programme
  • Master’s Programme in Clinical Optometry
  • Free-standing courses for opticians

Physical Therapy Section – Fysio
  • Physical Therapy Programme
Psychology Section – PsyKI
  • Psychology Programme
Public Health Section – PHS
  • Master’s Programme in Public Health Sciences
  • Master’s Programme in Global Health
  • Master’s Programme in Health Economics, Policy and Management
  • Master’s Programme in Bioentrepreneurship
  • Joint Master’s Programme in Health Informatics
  • The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Public Health in Disasters (EMJMDPHID)
Speech and Language Pathology Section – LoS
  • Speech and Language Pathology Programme