International Committee

The International Committee (IntCom) aims to internationalize MF and KI by planning events and activities that promote internationalization. All meetings are held in English and the committee consists of students from all over the world. The International Committee is a perfect place for those who like to work in groups with international and Swedish students, or who have ideas on how to improve the international environment within the student union.


The International Committee assignments are:

  • to promote internationalization within Medicinska Föreningen and at Karolinska Institutet,
  • to organize educational activities for international students,
  • to coordinate the sections on internationalisation issues common to them,
  •  to be responsible for collaboration with other student unions in the above matters.


For several years IntCom has initiated (and helped to improve) a number of different projects, which in different ways have helped international students to get engaged in Medicinska Föreningen. These events have also been a good opportunity for Swedish and International students to meet!

The international committee is very welcoming in terms of collaboration that promotes internationalization with other union bodies within MF and organisations at KI.

  • Language@KI
  • Social Dance
  • Get Inspired by an Exchange Student
  • Get inspired by a health professional
  • … and many more to come!