At Medicinska Föreningen, we have a group of associations, that are their own organisations, but that are connected to MF since they consist of MF members and conduct most of their activities at MF.

If you’re interested in music, dancing or singing you will definitely find a society that is perfect for you! If you want to find a forum for christian, muslim, HBTQ or envitonmental questions, we also have something for you! Or why not learn how to brew beer with Ölbryggan? Read more about our associations below!

A Scalpella

A Scalpella is MF’s chamber choir, a classic student choir with a varied repertoir. The choir consits of around 30 members who perform at MF’s traditional sittings and KI’s ceremonies as well as have their own concerts.

Blåslaget och Dragplåstret

Blåslaget is MF’s student orchestra and Dragplåstret is Blåslaget’s dance group. Blåslaget and Dragplåstret perform at MF’s parties, go to festivals for student orchestras and puts up their own concerts!

Corpus Karrolina

Corpus Karrolina is MF’s male skit group that has arranged spring shows for over 40 years. Corpus performs on their own shows with acting, singing and dancing (= spex) and performs at MF’s parties.


Flix is MF’s female skit group, that each autumn performs in an interactive show with acting, dancing and singing (= spex)! Flix also performs at MF’s traditional sittings.

Fokus MF

Fokus MF is the christian student association at KI.

Klimatföreningen (KF)

KF works to encourage environmental friendly work by the student union, Karolinska Institutet and the students themselves.

Muslimska studenter Karolinska Institutet (MSKI)

MSKI is the student association with a muslim profile.


Queerolinska is the student association with the purpose to represent the interests of HBTQ-students at KI, both by getting involved in educational matters at KI and through social events, e.g. by participating in the Pride Parade each year!


Stroket is MF’s chamber music ensemble for students and other KI affiliates who play string instruments. Stroket performs at balls, graduation ceremonies and at professors’ inaugurations.

Studenter i Forskning (SiF)

SiF works as a bridge between students and researchers by arranging workshops and inspiring seminars and showing all the possibilities that KI has to offer in the research field.


Ölbryggan is a happy group who tries a little more unordinary things. For example you might try to brew your own beer, make your own honey or similar acitivites with them.