Medicinska Föreningens Skit group

Flix and Corpus

As of 2021 the two skit groups Corpus Karrolina and Flix joined together to create MF spex. The performance is done in swedish. 

Corpus Karrolina is Medicinska Föreningens gentleman skit group that has put up fantastical spring shows for over 40 years. Traditionally we can see a strong/funny/evil woman as the lead role and the script is a clarification of an historical happening, written in rhymes and filled with songs and dance.

Flix is Medicinska Föreningens female skit group that puts up an interactive fall show with heart, fear, rhyme and reason to brighten the November slumber in KI:s corridors. On stage we can see traditionally fictional characters with a male lead.

During the semester the production is happening with everything from the stage, costumes and choreography to parties and cakes while the ensemble does their preperation for the show. This dedicated group consists of decor, costumes, make-up, choreography, musicalarragment, band, party and cake (fof), PR, sound and light (LoL) and of course script, revision and the board!

Audition for the ansembls happens at the beginning of each semester.

Do you like to stand on stage, singing, improvising and writing lyrics? – Go to the audition and be our new star! (For swedish speakers)

Do you like to sew, be crafty, bake, make posters or fix parties? – Go to our stormöte and find the group that scratches your creative side!

Booking the singing troops

If you are interested in booking Flix and/or Corpus Karrolina for a party or a dinner party, please get in touch with the conductors of the singing troupes with a request. You will find their email addresses to the right.