Member benefits

Here you can read about all the benefits you get as a member of Medicinska Föreningen! All students at Karolinska Institutet that are represented by MF as well as all doctral students can become student members of MF and get an MF membership card. The membership card is a specially designed Mecenat card that gives you all the Mecenat student discounts but also the benefits listed on this page. Become a member and download the Mecenat app to always have your card with you and take advantage of the benefits! Click on the text beneath each picture below to read more.

Student influence

As a student union, the most important job of MF is to monitor the education at KI and make sure that it keeps a high standard and that all students are well taken care of.

It’s through all our committed student representatives, sections and the Board that we convey the student influence. As a member you automatically become a member of the section that represents your education and you can then apply to be a part of the section board! You can also apply for student representative positions and participate in discussions and decisions at all levels within KI.

Even if you don’t want to be a student representive yourself, you will, by becoming a member of MF strenghten our mandate to speak for the students, both at KI and at a national level. Take the chance to affect YOUR education!

Student housing

When you become a student member of MF you can collect days in the Stockholms studentbostäder (SSSB) housing queue and rent student housing from SSSB! Information about your student union membership is sent to SSSB as soon as you become a member so that you can register for the housing queue and apply for a room or apartment.

We can offer this since MF is a member of Stockholms studentkårers centralorganisation (SSCO) that owns SSSB. SSSB was founded 60 year ago by students who wanted to do something about the lack of student housing in Stockholm. Today SSSB has the largest amount of student apartments in Sweden, with around 8 000 rooms and apartments in Stockholm, Solna, Nacka, Täby and Huddinge.

Committees & associations

That Stockholm doesn’t have a student life is a myth! When you become a member of MF you can get involved in one (or why not several?!) of all the committees, commissions, associations and sections at MF! Here you can do anything from playing floorball, singing in harmonies, fighting for human rights or dancing in spandex to serving wine to Nobel Laureates at the Lucia Ball.

Getting involved in the student union is the best way to meet new friends and make sure that your time at KI is about more than just studies

Section membership

When you become a member of MF you also become a part of the section at MF that represents your education at KI. As a section member you can apply to the section board, join events organised by your section and most importantly – apply for student representative positions and participate in discussions and decisions that KI makes regarding your education!

Student help

The services that MF provides in the area of student help are not always member exclusive since we are a student union. All students at KI kan get free support from MF’s students’ and doctoral students’ ombudspersons. The ombudspersons are independent instances that you can turn to with questions about KI’s rules or if you need support in conflicts or other situations that come up during your time as a student at KI.

MF also constantly works to improve the education at KI and to coordinate the student representation and the students’ voice towards KI through all student representatives, sections, the chair of the Education council and MF’s president and vice president!

MF also owns 2/3 of the book stores Medicinska Bokhandeln and Harrys Böcker that sell affordable student literature!

Pubs & parties

There are lots of fun events arranged at MF throughout the year. Members get discounts and are prioritized at all events, parties, dinners and balls!

Don’t miss the Friday pub every week at 5 pm – 10 pm in the student union house Kårhuset in Solna! Behind the bar is our very own Programme Committee, PrU – do you want to learn how to pour beer and mix cocktails? Join PrU! PrU also arranges all the traditional sittings and balls at MF.

The Reception Committee, MU also arranges pub crawls and sittings at the beginning of each semester to welcome new students – get your membership right away when you start at KI to not miss out on anything!

Some sections also arrange parties and activites exclusively for their section members (MF members that study a certain program)!

Seminars, lectures, workshops

The sections, associations, commissions and committees arrange lots of events that aren’t just fun but also educating! Everything from [email protected], seminars about project management through KomU, lectures on inequality in healthcare by STRÄVA, events to highlight mental health issues in society, meetings with scientists… by showing your MF card you get discounts and entrance to the the events!


As a member you can apply for scholarships from MF’s foundations! The scholarships are announced here on the website when the application period is open, stay tuned!

MF has the following scholarship foundations:

  • Medicinska Föreningens samstiftelse för studier
  • Medicinska Föreningens samstiftelse for studieresor
  • Stiftelsen Folke Sjöqvists 50-årsfond

Affect your student union

To keep our student union evolving and moving forward and to ensure that we influence and improve the educations at KI and also offer the best possible student life at KI, committed members are needed. As a member, you have the chance to apply for positions of trust – be a member of the Board, be the host or toastmaster at our parties or why not apply for the position as President for MF?

All student members can run and vote in the Union Election Kårvalet, where MF’s highest decision-making body is elected – the Union Council Fullmäktige, FuM. As a member of FuM, you are involved in influencing MF’s direction by e.g. deciding on the acitivity plan and budget. By voting in the Election, you ensure that the candidates you want to represent you are in FuM. Be involved in shaping your student union!

Kårhuset in Solna and Kårridoren in Flemingsberg

At KI Campus Solna you can find our very own student union house “Kårhuset” at Nobels väg 10. Here we host the larger parties and a great amount of the student life is located here. As a member you can hang out here and study, book rooms for meetings etc. You can also rent the premises for member price, e.g. to host your graduation dinner or other private events!

At KI Campus Flemingsberg we also have premises in “Kårridoren” at Alfred Nobels Allé 8, 5th floor, to where you as a member can get access to and hang out with your friends, study or book rooms for meetings.

Do you want to help take care of Kårhuset and Kårridoren and make sure our student spaces are as nice as possible? Join the Administration Committee, FU!

The sports cabin Solvik

At Ingarö in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago lies MF’s very own super cozy sports cabin – Solvik! At Solvik, we regularly arrange fixing weekends and fixing weeks for everyone who is interested. Some sections also arrange introduction camps for new students here. As a member you can rent Solvik for member price to e.g. host a crayfish party, wedding party or just hang out with your friends.

Would you like the chance to hang out at Solvik a bit extra and help take care of the place? Join the Sports Cabin Committee!

MF’s magazine & newsletter

In the newsletter Thalamus you get updates about all the fun and important stuff going on at MF! Thalamus is sent out twice a month via email to all members and contains info about events, activities and things going on at campus, the student influence work MF does and how to get involved, what’s going on at KI, new member benefits etc… Stay tuned and check your inbox!

MF’s magazine Medicor is sent out a few times per year via mail to all members and also updates on Medicor’s own website with news about education and student life at KI.

(P.S. Medicor and Thalamus are created by the Communication Committee, KomU – do you like writing, have got new ideas how to provide KI’s students with the best news and develop Medicor or Thalamus? Join Komu!)

Member discounts

Besides the discounts from Mecenat, you also get MF exclusive discounts with your MF card! You also get discounted prices at all activities, events and parties arranged by MF.

At the student union offices you can get the discount booklet Studenthäftet from WeStudents filled with great discounts to all our members! You can also find a lot of discounts in the WeStudents app.

In addition we also have the following discounts for all memebers:

  • Free eye exam/contact lenses exam and a 25 % discount on complete glasses and a 15 % discount on contact lenses at KI’s Optometry Programme at St. Eriks Ögonsjukhus! Make an appointment at the Optometry Programme via 08-672 30 27 or [email protected].

  • 5 % discount at everything at STETOSKOP.DK, where you can buy e.g. stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs etc. E-mail [email protected] to get the discount code.

  • 15 % discount when buying a training card at Klättercentret and when booking the basic indoor climbing course at some of Klättercentret’s facilities in Stockholm.