The Union Council

The Council (FuM) is the highest decision making body within Medicinska Föreningen and can have up to 29 members and equal number of deputies. The council is elected annually in a general election among union members. The election is organized by the Election Board and is conducted annually in October. All Medicinska Föreningen’s voting members are entitled to candidate for council.

The council meets at least three times per semester to discuss and decide on the overall issues concerning the entire association. The meetings are led by the speaker, the vice speaker and the Medicinska Föreningen secretary. Together, the trio constitutes the senate presidium. All association members are welcome to their meetings, but only members of the council, union bodies, Inspector General and officials have the right to free speech. The members of the council are the only ones who can vote.

If you have a question that is eager for the Medicinska Föreningen and which you want to present to the council, you can apply to be an adjunct to a meeting. You have the right to speak but not vote on the issue. All members are entitled to submit motions for the council to decide upon. You will then come and present your proposal at the next meeting. The council then accepts or rejects the motion. Motions can be mailed or left at the postbox outside the Medicinska Föreningen office. All motions are prepared by the board before they are handled by the council. Send your questions to the Board at [email protected].


Speaker of the MF council is Jens Andersson. To his help he has a vice speaker, who is newly elected  every meeting, and the secretary of MF.

The meetings of the MF council are led by the speaker, who adjust the voters’ roll, inquire whether the meeting has been rightfully announced, administer the election of two attestants, vote counter and vice speaker. If the speaker cannot, the council can administer the election of the vice speaker.

Previous speakers:
1978-2000 Jan-Erik Frödin
2001-2002 Fredrik Erlandsson
2003-2005 Carl Tullus

The Union Council 2018-2019

The public election – mandate distribution and election results

Votes in total: 919 Voting participation: 308 persons (11,56%) Number of votes per person in average: 2,98 (min 0 votes, max 5 votes per person) Number of candidates in the public election: 17

All candidates in the public election were assigned a mandate. 15 of the Council’s 29 mandates were reserved for the sections, of which ten were appointed. Three of the remaining mandates were filled by candidates from the public election and twomandates remain vacant for the rest of the mandate period.

Members public electionNumber of votes (percent of total votes)
Alice Weréen
Anton Hoffman
Hannes Eichner
Itisha Adhikari
Gustav Carlstedt
Finn Wiesinger
Hanna Eklund
Robert Lilford
Kaj Li
Marta Matlacz
Omid Hajimirsadeghi
Katarina Markus
Jesus Gullon Sanz
Sara Fakih
Anders Norell Bergendahl
Emmanuel Zavalis
Michelle Estman
98 (10,66%)
93 (10,12%)
81 (8,81%)
64 (6,96%)
63 (6,86%)
63 (6,86%)
60 (6,53%)
58 (6,31%)
57 (6,20%)
56 (6,09%)
54 (5,88%)
51 (5,55%)
40 (4,35%)
28 (3,05%)
22 (2,39%)
19 (2,07%)
12 (1,31%)
Substitutes public election

Sections – mandate distribution

The sections are assigned mandates by size, e.g. number of members. The three largest sections, the Doctoral Students Association (DSA), The Medical Students’ Section (LS) and the Biomedical Section (BUS) were assigned two mandates per section, and all other sections were assigned one mandate per section. Each section were also assigned one substitute per mandate, the substitute is personal for the section and can only accede when the section’s ordinary member is absent.

Section representatives  Section
Amineh Ghaderi
Henna Salo
Sarah Awad
Alexander Johansen
Simon Jakobsson Björkén
Adelina Vikström
Pinja Ruuhinen
Sandra Elert
Elin Frisell
Personal substitutesSection
Lie Åslund
Maren Gerdes
Sylvya Pasca
Isabell Hammarlund

If you consider the polling of this election to have violated the bylaws of Medicinska Föreningen, you may contact Valnämnden via [email protected].

Union Council meeting minutes 2018-2019