The commissions, like the committees, also propose their own activities and execute their work independently with the help of committed members and the means granted to them. The Commissions are appointed by the Union Council (FuM) to be able to work more independently.

Choose one of the commissions below to read about their activities!

Bylaw Interpretation Commission

The Bylaw Interpretation Commission can convene when there is disagreement in the interpretation of MF’s bylaws.

Ceremony Commission

The Ceremony Commission develops and works for continuity in MF’s ceremonies and traditions.

Disciplinary Commission

The Disciplinary Commission investigates reports on and decides about disciplinary actions towards members who have violated MF’s values or rules.

Election Commission

The Election Commission conducts the union election every autumn. They announce the election so that all MF members can run for a position in the Union Council (FuM), create election posters and publish the election results after the members have voted.

Equal Treatment Commission – ETC

ETC works to create a friendly environment with diversity, both at KI and within MF. ETC’s goal is for all students to feel safe and welcome in all situations.

International Committee – IN

IN arranges events and activitites to improve the international environment at MF and KI. IN and its subgroup Global Friends has members from all over the world!

Nominating Commission

The Nominating Commission announces elections for positions of trust within MF and central student representative positions within KI so that all MF members can apply for the positions. They also go through the applications and present nominees to be chosen by the Union Council (FuM).

Scholarship Reviewing Commission

The Scholarship Reviewing Commission announces scholarships from the foundations that MF administers. They go through the applications to the scholarships and suggest to the Board how to distribute the scholarships.