Idrottsutskottet (IdrU) – Sports Committee

The Sports Committee is your primary source of physical activity at Karolinska Institutet. We organize the sports days, the weekly activities (see below), sports trips (skiing and surfing once a year!) and play a role in the welcoming of new students by organizing sport related activities. All students, no matter which program or semester are welcomed to join us on all our activities!

Weekly activites HT19

Since the new “skrivsalen”/hall soon will be finishied, we will go back to keeping our weekly activities at Solna Campus starting Sept 30th. There will be a limited number of spots for each opportunity and registration will be done online. (Activities not held in skrivsalen)

Mondays at 18-19.30 Futsal
Mondays at 19.30-21 Floorball

Tuesdays at 16.45-17.45 Capoeira (Lugna rummet)
Tuesdays at 18-19.30 Basketball
Tuesdays at 19.30-21 Volleyboll

Wednesdays at 16-18 Schack (MF)
Wednesdays at 18-19.30 Floorball
Wednesdays at 19.30-21 Futsal

Thursdays at 18-19 Simning (Vasalundshallen)
Thursdays at 18-19.30 Netball
Thursdays at 19.30-21 Basketball

Fridays at 18-19.30 Badminton

Saturdays at 10-12 Volleyboll
Saturdays at 12-14 Badminton
Saturdays at 14-16 Med-SM

Collaborations and student offers

We also have several student offers and collaborations with training facilities around Stockholm!

  • Padel at Padel Flemingsberg: Play padel between 06-15 for 300 kr/2-hour (normal price 600 kr). After 15.00 it is 350 kr/h!
  • Squash at Roslagshallen (more info to come, follow us on facebook)
  • Climbing at Klättercentret: 15 % off on monthly memberships. Facebookgroup: KI climbing
  • Gym at Friskis och svettis Hagastan: two weeks “try-out” period for free (valid before 23rd of September) and after that student price, 15 %.
  • Volleyball with “Svensk volleyboll” Mon 17-19 at Bromma gymnasium (all levels), Thur 21-22 at Tullgårdsskolan (women only), Fri 19:20-20:30 (all levels).
  • Swimming. See facebook for more info on dates!

If you feel like there is some sport missing, and you would like to start up a new activity – please feel free to contact us! If you have any questions, you can write to us on our Facebook page Idrottsutskottet MF, or mail us at [email protected]!