New student

Congratulations to your admission to Karolinska Institutet and welcome to Medicinska Föreningen – your student union!

Whether it’s you’re first time studying at a university or if you have been a student at KI or some other university before, we will be here to make your student life as good as possible! At MF, it is the opinions and ideas of our members that controls and influences our activities, and it is together with all our active members that we make our time at KI and MF unforgettable.

On the page student influence you can find out how to influence and improve your education at KI and on the page student life you can read about all the other fun things that MF has to offer!

Don’t forget that we also have a students’ and a doctoral students’ ombudsperson who you can contact if you ever feel that you are in a situation at KI when you need support.

At MF we have events and things going on all year. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to keep updated on everything that happens also follow the Reception Committee (MU) and check out the reception schedule to get to know MF in the best possible way!