Info pub HT20

Welcome to Karolinska Institutet and Medicinska Föreningen

The Reception Committee hereby presents this semester’s INFO PUB! This semester, unfortunately, we can not mingle with all of you in the union house Kårhuset as usual, BUT below we’ve gathered presentations of some of the committees, sections, commissions and associations we have within the Medicinska Föreningen! You will also find videos from other student groups at Karolinska Institutet. Are you eager to work behind the bar and arrange parties? The Programme Committee comes to your rescue! Do you think that something needs to be improved in your education? Turn to your section! Do you want to honk a trumpet or tap drums? Blåslaget is here for you!

Reception Committee – MU


Biomedical Educational Section – BUS
Nursing Section – SSEK
Medical Students’ Section – LS
Läkarsektionens Sociala Kommitté – LÄSK

Committees & Commissions

Communication Committee – KomU
Programme Committee – PrU
International Committee – IN
Global Friends – GF


A Scalpella
Klimatföreningen – KF
Muslimska Studenter KI – MSKI

Students‘ and doctoral students’ ombudspersons

Students‘ and doctoral students’ ombudspersons

Other student associations

International Genetically Enginered Machine – iGEM Stockholm
Studentsällskapet för kirurgi och anestesi – KirA
Mother and Child Health Association – MACHA