Information regarding COVID-19

Updated: 2020-10-29

This year has been marked by great challenges for all of us and we want to give a great deal of credit to all student representatives, sections and the presidium who have worked (and continue to work!) harder than ever to ensure that the education at KI keeps the highest possible quality. All of our members and students at KI have been incredibly good at adapting to changes quickly, which we are very proud of.

On 29 October 2020, the Swedish Public Health Agency enforced their recommendations in Stockholm County due to an increased number of people diagnosed with covid-19 and an increased burden on health care. Everyone staying in Stockholm County is now urged to refrain from participating in e.g. meetings, concerts, performances and if possible avoid physical contact with people outside the household. The Swedish Public Health Agency advises against arranging or participating in parties or other similar social gatherings. The decision is valid until 19 November 2020 but may be extended.

This is very sad news, but recommendations are required to reduce the spread of incetion. Due to this, Medicinska Föreningen’s recommendations are updated as below to apply at least until 19 November 2020, and may be extended or changed depending on decisions by the government and authorities.

Events and meetings

The Board advices against physical events and meetings being arranged by all parts of the union. Events and meetings are encouraged to be held digitally instead.

The union premises are open to employees and remunerated members who need to work on site, as well as to members with access in order to provide space for individual work.

Renting of Kårhuset and Solvik

External tenants of premises in Medicinska Föreningens Kårhus and the sports cabin Solvik must adhere their activities to the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations.


The Board advises against all trips organised through Medicinska Föreningen.

Student union offices

The student union offices in Solna and Flemingsberg are kept closed. The administrator is available by email and telephone contact during office hours.

Contact information can be found here.

Budget and economy

The Board believes that union bodies can return to a more normal use of budgeted funds for 2020, unless otherwise announced by the Treasurer or the Administration Committee.

Student influence

Our student representatives, sections and the presidium are in continuous contact with KI to create the best possible circumstances for all students – both at a program level and centrally. Through MF you can affect your education and decisions made by KI!

Check out your section and contact them if you have any questions, and apply for student representative positions here.

MF’s COVID-19 resource group

As a step towards channeling the union involvement around the situation, the Presidium, together with Inspector Carl Johan Sundberg, instituted a resource group for COVID-19. During the spring and summer, the group has arranged digital events on mental health, the seminar series “Experts explain” and been working together with Sjukvårdshjälpen to provide the healthcare system with protective equipment!

Read about COVID-19 resource group here.