Information regarding COVID-19

Updated: 2020-04-01

The situation in society right now affects us all and we want to remind all our members to take care of yourselves and each other, continue to meet digitally as much as possible – have a fika, study together, join the Health Promotion live-streaming classes, call your grandma’ (follow @mfsthlm on Instagram for daily challenges!). Continue to live your lives as usual to the extent that is possible based on recommendations and rules from the authorities and government.

For many of you, the teaching methods have changed, and the university faces a major challenge in adapting all programs and courses as quickly as possible so that all students have the opportunity to reach their course goals on time. We assure you that, through the Presidium, the sections of MF and all student representatives, we work harder than ever right now and have a close dialogue with all parts of KI to ensure that the education continues to maintain the highest quality possible!

MF’s COVID-19 resource group

As a step towards channeling the union involvement around the situation, the Presidium, together with Inspector Carl Johan Sundberg, has instituted a resource group for COVID-19. The group will, among other things, create a platform for conversations on the subject, organize digital events on mental health, coordinate questions about how our members can help in health care , research and society in general as well as spread relevant information through MF’s social channels. Are you interested in joining the group or have ideas? Email [email protected]!

Educational issues

The sections and the presidium are continuously in contact with KI to make sure that the students’ best is prioritized at all programmes. Feel free to contact your section if you have questions or want to bring up something regarding your education!

Changes for MF’s activities

The Board of Medicinska Föreningen had an extra board meeting on March 14th together with the Inspector and the chairpersons of our committees and sections, where guidelines for MF’s activities were set. The Board has since continously reevaluated and updated the guidelines. Below is the latest information, updated on April 1st. Until otherwise stated, the following applies at MF:

The Union House and “Kårridoren”

The Union House in Solna and “Kårridoren” in Flemingsberg are closed for events and meetings until May 31st. Members and employees have card access as usual.

  • The Spring Ball on April 25th is unfortunately cancelled. Our hope is to instead arrange an autumn mingle or similar for awarding the honorary medals.
  • The Union Council (FuM) meeting on April 27th will take place as planned but will be organized digitally instead. More info will be sent out to the Council members.
  • The graduation party on June 6th – no decision has been made yet. We’re discussing the matter with KI’s ceremony unit and will keep you updated via our website and Facebook.

The Board is helpful to anyone who wants help in setting up meetings and events digitally. Here are some tips on platforms to use:

Student union service desks

The student union service desks in Solna and Flemingsberg are closed until further notice. You can contact us as usual via email and by calling!


Solvik can be rented and booked as usual.


The MF staff is allowed to work from home starting 2020-03-17 until further notice.

Emergency budget

The Administration Committee has, by instructions from the Board, drafted two alternative budget scenarios in the cases that all events would be cancelled for the rest of the spring or for the rest of the year. The Board has discussed the economic situation and recommends all parts of MF to minimize any unnecessary expenses.