Information regarding COVID-19

Updated: 2020-09-08

This year has been characterized by great challenges for all of us and we want to give a great deal of credit to all student representatives, sections and the presidium who have worked (and continue to work!) harder than ever to ensure that the education at KI keeps the highest possible quality.

KI will gradually return to campus-based teaching in the fall of 2020 and the student life also comes back to life eventually – with baby steps in a safe manner of course. This autumn’s reception is partly physical and party digital to be as safe as possible for all students and still give us a change to get to know and welcome all new students to KI and MF!

Events and meetings

The Board is of the opinion that meetings, activities and events can take place in the union house, “Kårhuset”, in Solna, Kårridoren in Flemingsberg and the sports cabin Solvik provided that current recommendations are followed. A risk assessment is recommended for every event as well as keeping events outdoors if possible.

Meetings are still encouraged to be held digitally, here are some tips on platforms to use:

Think about the following:


The Board advises against all international traveling organized through MF. The dissuasion applies until further notice.

Student union offices

The student union offices in Solna and Flemingsberg will be open in the autumn, opening hours can be found further down on the website. Safety measures have been taken at the offices to reduce the spread of infection. We still recommend mainly contacting us via email and phone.

Contact information can be found here.

Student influence

Our student representatives, sections and the presidium are in continuous contact with KI to create the best possible circumstances for all students – both at a program level and centrally. Through MF you can affect your education and decisions made by KI!

Check out your section and contact them if you have any questions, and apply for student representative positions here.

MF’s COVID-19 resource group

As a step towards channeling the union involvement around the situation, the Presidium, together with Inspector Carl Johan Sundberg, instituted a resource group for COVID-19. During the spring and summer, the group has arranged digital events on mental health, the seminar series “Experts explain” and been working together with Sjukvårdshjälpen to provide the healthcare system with protective equipment!

Read about COVID-19 resource group here.