MF’s COVID-19 resource group

As a step towards channeling the union involvement around the COVID-19 situation, the Presidium together with Inspector Carl Johan Sundberg has instituted a resource group for COVID-19. The group will, among other things, create a platform for conversations on the subject, organize digital events on mental health, coordinate questions about how our members can help in health care, research and society in general as well as spread relevant information through MF’s social channels.

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Logistics team

We have started a collaboration with Sjukvårdshjälpen Sverige (Facebook group Sjukvårdshjälpen)! In this group we help to collect and donate medical protective equipment to the health care.

Events team

We organize events and seminars about wellbeing and mental health (digitally ofc!). And also educational events with medical facts about the coronavirus and COVID-19.

Coordination of work team

We coordinate student initiatives to help out in the health care and in research.

Translation team

We translate important information and current happenings in Sweden regarding COVID-19 to English so that everyone can understand.

PR team

We help spread information about all the exciting things going on in the group!