Recipients of Crux Parva Medicorum VT20

Crux Parva Medicorum was instituted by the Board in 2000. The medal is awarded to those who during a longer or shorter period of time have done invaluable work for Medicinska Föreningen. It can be awarded to members, former members, employees or others who have been engaged in the work of Medicinska Föreningen. 

Congratulations and thank you to this autumn’s recepients of Crux Parva Medicorum! The medal will be awarded at the Amphiox Gasque on the 8th of February.

Lina Abdel-Halim

There are few things at MF that Lina has not been involved in. She has, as chairperson of the Sports Committee, constantly worked with ensuring that the members of MF have more activities than ever. In Studenter i Forskning has she been a constant rock that fixes everything before someone tells her to. She comes with incredibly creative ideas and texts and has always a suggested solution when problems arise. In the skit group Flix, Lina has shown great commitment and always been reliable and extremely responsible.

Something that distinguishes Lina in everything she does is that she always helps without ever expecting anything back. She happily takes on the tasks of others and helps every friend who has a problem. MF would not look the same without Lina, she deserves recognition both for the hard work she tirelessly performs and for the love she spreads around her.

For her invaluable work within Medicinska Föreningen, the Board has decided to award Lina with the honorary medal Crux Parva Medicorum.

Caroline Schagerholm

Caroline has made large and significant contributions when it comes to involvement within MF, through a constant and active participation in many of the committees and societies. She has been active within the Medical Students’ Section for many years, both serving as a member of the section board as well as a student representative. Further involvement she has had ranges from Flix and Blåslaget to the Reception Committee, in addition to being a “fadder”.

Thanks to students like Caroline with her commitment, student societies/committees and their traditions live on at MF, which is a cornerstone for creating community and a good student climate. In addition to her involvement in already established societies and committees has she contributed to develop the union through the initiative to establish Studenter i Forskning (SiF). SiF has opened doors for students interested in research from different programmes, to develop and inspire each other for new opportunities in research.

For her invaluable work at Medicinska Föreningen, the Board has decided to award Caroline with the honorary medal Crux Parva Medicorum.

Allan Zhao

Allan has, during his time as an active member within MF, played a central role in study social and cultural activities. In 2016 he was involved in reviving the Culture Committee with events such as stand-up pubs in collaboration with PrU. He has been an active and contributing part in both A Scalpella and the skit groups. However, Allan’s greatest involvement has been in the Medical Students’ Section’s introdcution activities. As chairperson of 2018-2019, he worked through endless meetings to ensure that the central study social parts of the reception for medical students, the “kollo” activities, should remain.

This commitment and drive has resulted in parts of the “kollo” activity now being compulsory teaching moments, which secures the previously threatened reception activities for future medical students.

For his invaluable work within Medicinska Föreningen, the Board has decided to award Allan with the honorary medal Crux Parva Medicorum.