Recipients of Crux Magna Medicorum 2019

Crux Magna Medicorum was instituted by the Board in 1981 and is Medicinska Föreningen’s highest medal of honour. The medal is awarded to those whose commitment for MF has been long-lasting, comprehensive and unmeasurable. The medal can be awarded to members, previous members, staff and others who have been involved in the student union. 

A great thank you and congratulations to this year’s recipients of Crux Magna Medicorum! The medal is awarded at the Lucia Ball on the 13th of December.

Anton Hoffman

Anton Hoffman is one of Medicinska Föreningen’s most committed members who has put in an invaluable amount of time and work in the union. He has done an outstanding job in his various positions, such as chairperson of the Administration Committee, member of the Board and as the standards bearer. Anton has shown great commitment and has preserved the traditions of Medicinska Föreningen through a genuine interest in taking care of the standards and flags of the union, as well as maintaining MF’s traditions at sittings and balls.

He is a fantastic driving force among all members and has encouraged many students to become more involved in MF by being positive and including.

For his long-standing, comprehensive and invaluable involvement in Medicinska Föreningen, Anton is awarded Crux Magna Medicorum.

Matilda Kjellander

Matilda Kjellander has, among other things, been active for many years in the Programme Committee where she took on assignments such as Master of Ceremonies, head waiter and Finance Manager. She has also had a long-lasting commitment to the Administration Committee and the Board of MF, as well as the Scholarship Committee as its chairpeson. This past year she has also been honored and trusted to be the Hostess of Medicinska Föreningen, a position which she, like everything else, has taken on with the greatest commitment and seriousness.

Matilda Kjellander is one of the union’s hardest working students, never afraid to share her experience and opinions, and she devotes countless hours each week pushing the student union forward.

For her long-lasting, comprehensive and invaluable involvement in Medicinska Föreningen, Matilda is awarded Crux Magna Medicorum award.

Leo Ziegel

Leo Ziegel himself says about Medicinska Föreningen: “MF has helped me meet people across semester and program boundaries, people whom I would probably never have known, and whom I am very grateful to have met.”

Leo regularly takes own initiatives and does much to improve the student life for everyone in his long-term commitment to the Education Board, the Disciplinary Board and the Sports Committee. He is not the one who chooses tasks that make you most visible, but chooses what needs to be done, e.g. by being the Archivist of MF since 2015. His ability to always be there is greatly appreciated by the student union.

For his long-lasting, comprehensive and invaluable commitment to Medicinska Föreningen, Leo is awarded Crux Magna Medicorum.