Recipient of Mäster
– In memory of Dan Grandér for 2022

Mäster is awarded in memory of Dan Grandér at the suggestions of student union members once a year to a teacher – or exceptionally to several teachers – involved in the education of the students of Karolinska Institutet. The award Mäster is awarded to a person who has been teaching for an extended period of time in an inspirational and pedadogical mannerism, or who initiated and implemented lasting improvements in the education.

2022 is the second year which Mäster is awarded in memory of Dan Grandér, who was the recipient of Mäster in 2010. The recipient of the award receives a silver nameplate, a diploma from Medicinska Föreningen, and a prize sum of SEK 50,000 from Dan Grandér’s brother Jonas Grandér through Familjen Einhorns Stiftelse. Mäster is awarded at the Lucia Ball on December 13th.